Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another Weekend Project In The Works. A Little Pair Of Outdoor Wire "Hoop" Chairs. Status: Good Bones


Ain't it nice to see the Flamingos NOT covered in 6 inches of snow?! We keep a number of outdoor seating choices available on the front porch for when our South City Hoosier friends (used in a ironic "cuz I'm sorta one of 'em" way) come ta visit.

On the South Side everybody plants it on the stoop of the front porch just to see what's going

on in the neighborhood. I think it stems from a time before AC was so ubiquitous and lots of

people would sit outside to escape the heat of the brick houses. I guess it was just more

sociable to be out front where you might say hello to a neighbor across the street or passing

by. The South Side neighborhoods are still quite beautiful with their hundred year old houses

and full mature tree lined streets. Grab a Pabst or a Stag and on a cool evening it's still a nice

way to end a day.


This pair needs some love.  Found them on Craigslist last summer.  The seats have seen

better days.  I imagine they've spent the better part of their lives outside.  The plywood is just

falling apart.  I've got to either cut some new seats or (more likely...I'm lazy and stuff) find some

appropriately sized wood table tops to recover with a bit of padding and new vinyl.


I picked up this synthetic upholstery material a few weeks ago when I was looking some vinyl to

recover the Mr. Chair. I don't know that I'd call it vinyl but it is definitely outdoor material. The

pattern is pretty cool and very Mod. I think they're gonna look pretty good dressed up in this.  If

you look closely at the lower left corner of this pic I took at the Broadway Antique Market in

you'll see the same chair in the same original seafoam blue vinyl!


  1. I stopped into Broadway Antique Market on Tuesday night and I do believe that chair is still there! You probably picked your 2 chairs up for a lot less than they're selling that one! I still love browsing through that place, though! It gives me great inspiration.

  2. Love the flamingos! And the chairs are pretty cool also!

  3. I could not love these chairs more! So cool