Saturday, May 14, 2011

OK, Seems Like Everything Is Back To Normal With Blogger. Who Else Needs A Drink? How's About A Refreshing Polynesian Cocktail? Status: I's Got The Glasswares!


Whata tease. My idea of a refreshing cocktail is a Rum and Coke...unless someone else is pouring. Then I'm up for about anything cold, fruity and heavily alcoholic! You gotta wonder, since the Polynesian Village is at Walt Disney World...what kinda drinks were THEY serving?

Sadly, I've never been to the Polynesian Village at Walt Disney World so I cannot answer this

quandary. I've never even been to a Tiki Bar...much less any place remotely Tiki, like Hawaii!



I'll just have to be satisfied with my fantasies. The last real Polynesian bar here in St. Louis

closed ages ago. There was a place in Westport called The Luau and another in Clayton

called The Mainlander (got a couple of their mugs!). Then there was another place downtown

just on the other side of the highway from the Landing that closed more recently and is now a

Hampton Inn. I can't find the name or any other info on that place though. I think it's high time

for a resurgence of Tiki / Polynesian kitsch culture! Bring It Back! I'll Be There!


  1. I bet the Blogger people need a drink right about now more than we do. That was quite an outage we had! Of course, it doesn't take a catastrophe to interest me in something fruity and alcoholic, no matter what it's served in. :)

  2. I am glad blogger is back too...but having lost wonderful comments..its frustrating..anywho!...beautiful find :)...and yes i need a drink..the one served at disney preferably :)