Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Like I Said, Saturday's Estate Sale Was A Bit Of A Bust Considering I Only Wanted The Bedroom Set. But From Another Perspective...It Was OK! Status: Little Goodies.


Seems like I've seen one of these lately. There's a piece of felt attached to the bottom so I can't see if it even has a marking. Anybody? Beuller?....Beuller? Anybody?

I haven't even cleaned it up yet...shame on me. It's pretty cute....er, I mean Cool...right...cool.

That's why I bought it. Cool. Oh whatev...it reminded me of the Kennedy Kitters. Still missing

him a lot. ::sniffle sniff:: And it's really Danish Mod lookin'.



My buddy (and tech at work) Tom would love this. He has both a Big Ol' Dog and a bunch of

Kitties. If it were a bit bigger he could use it to feed them. OK...if it was like 10 times bigger. If

we get another Kitter Catters I'll keep treats and stuff in this.



This cool Gooseneck Lamp followed me home from the Estate Sale as well. I wasn't going to

come home empty handed. This was right up my alley and was cheap too. See the black button

right in the center of the base? That's the on / off switch! Neat, huh? Oh, and SCORE...I got a

free twirly bulb with it! Take that crummy estate sale.



But this is the Pièce de résistance. A Luxurious Lambskin. Thick, Full and so Soft. I almost feel

guilty luxuriating on it, but then it does shed a little...which sucks cuz I almost invariably wear

black T-shirts. Some Luxury. Oh well, it looks really good slathered all over my Plycraft Mr.

, buying me a little time to re-upholster it! BTW, I didn't pay $25.13 for it. That, I assume,

was the original price many years ago. What a weird, arbitrary price. I payed $15.


  1. I love the lamp! And the bowl is the bottom to a McCoy Unipet bowl manufactured for the veterinary division of the Upjohn pharmaceutical company. The lids came in gold, green and burnt orange and had a little clapper inside which turned the lid into a bell to call your pets for their vitamins. We found 5 of them the other day at an estate sale, and they sold immediately...except for the one I snagged for myself...LOL

  2. the lamp is a show stopper for sure!

  3. Dana - Dang...I picked up the lid / bell thing at the sale...shrugged...and put it down, not knowing what it was! It wasn't by the bowl. It was orange.

    Sudha - It sure is a pretty one. I gotta replace the plug end though.

  4. Nice buy on the lamb skin! The lamp is awesome.