Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sometimes You Just Can't Avoid Fate...Like Death And Taxes. The Sculptra Was Coming For Me...One Way Or Another. Status: So I Just Got It Over With Already.


Sometimes life just beats you over the head with something. Do it. Do it. Do it. Doitdoitdoitdoitdoit. Fine. Done. I'm the proud new owner of a Broyhill Sculptra bedroom set! Ta Da!


Yeah, you see right. Only the one night stand. This will of course, drive me nuts. Why? Why do

people buy only a single night stand? What is up with that? How do they decide who gets to

use it? It makes no sense! The Girlfriend has to have a place to put her book and I have to

have a place to put the TV remote. There Must Be Two!


Two trips brought all this home! Sellers are always amazed by what can be carefully fit into the

back of the wagons. This time it was all Tinkerbells (the Volvo) job. Wish Tink had a roofrack,

but you can't have everything. The seller thought I might oughta' have a truck for hauling stuff.

Mmmmm, no thanks. I'm good. I likes the good gas mileage and comfort and capacity to have

more than one friend along for the ride.


The set is otherwise complete, the second nightstand not withstanding (not that I'm bitter),

even down to the "starbursty" mirror! I think the whole "doitdoitdoit" thing might have started

when I noticed a visit from Mid-Century Austin Living and while bumbling around there blog I

found this little post about Sculptra which so stuck in my head that I actually quoted the

production dates to the seller of the set I bought today! Freaky how it all turns into a big circle

and stuff.


All is not milk and honey though. I do need to do a little cleanup on the top of the landscape dresser.

I'm hoping my budding refinishing skills will be up to the task. Yeah...another project. ::sigh::


  1. wow...super set..i too saw a bedroom set with kingsize frame and ONE nightstand..arrrrrrgh! it irks seems like the household which had this bed has no gender equality

  2. There is a store here in Columbus with a Scuptra dinning room set (table, 6 chairs and buffet).
    The one night stand thing drives me nuts too; I had a friend who told me she wanted a night stand- I found a nice set of Drexel night stands for her ($30) then she only took ONE! I told her she should have both to balance the bed but she said "Nope, I just want one". I'm holding on to the other for when she comes to her senses.

  3. Killer. That set is KILLER. One nightstand missing or no, still a great find.

  4. Congrats on picking up the set. I promise you won't be let down (even with only on nightstand). If it's any consolation, the nightstands seem to be some of the easier pieces to find.

  5. Great set! I passed up a Sculptra credenza last year and it's been haunting me ever since.