Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Girlfriend's Grandmother Lives In Chicago...Right On Lakeshore Drive! She's Got Good Taste In Furnishings Too. Status: Envious.

Herman Miller George Nelson Desk 1

Right...see that view out the window? Lakeshore Drive and to the right, Lake Michigan. ::sigh:: Then she's only a hop, skip and a jump from Wrigley Field as well. Nice huh?

Herman Miller George Nelson Desk 2Herman Miller George Nelson Desk 4
Herman Miller George Nelson Desk 3

One can gaze out those windows for quite a while before boring of the rather amazing view

(and it will take a while!) so ya gotta have somethin' beautiful to lay your eyes on when it

happens. This vintage George Nelson desk by Herman Miller helps. Simple and elegant mid

century styling serving it's intended purpose. I love that the Girlfriends Grandmother doesn't

think it's anything special and was surprised that I was so interested in it that I wanted to take,

not one, but multiple pictures of it!


In the same room are a couple shell chairs. They look for all the world like Eames shell chairs

by Herman Miller but there are no tags or markings that I could find.


Excellent taste. That's all I can say. She doesn't seem to think any of her furnishings are

anything to write home about. Being able to put together great looking items without "knowing"

anything about them (like what's Danish Modern, etc.) speaks of just having a good eye.

DSCN9594Wegner Like Footstool

I love the small dining set. It expands to make a much larger table. And the little Wegner like

stool, it matches my set of Rope Chairs!

Tall Golden ArtDSCN9605DSCN9602

Also...good taste in artwork! I so covet the tall golden print in the first pic as well as the Modern

Prints above the dining table.


That's right! All steel vintage cabinets. Original GE units. They have been repainted but they

are in excellent shape. I love the pulls on the upper cabinets that she had installed. And check

out the Original Stainless Steel appliances. Sweet. Mr. Modtomic approved.


  1. wonderful ..awesome you is def great taste that made her buy these things with out knowing. i m so glad she kept the vintage steel cabinets rathan tearing them down for a "contemporary kitcen"..:)..wish her a special hello from my side..Thanks for sharing this wonderful space

  2. Wow! I'm blown away! That is some fantastic stuff that she has! I love everything in there especially that desk! It looks so wonderful!

  3. Girlfriend's Grandmother has a sweet pad and what a view!

  4. She has some beautiful things! I think it's amazing how many people have things we'd give our eye teeth for...and they don't even know it.

  5. That view of Lake Shore Drive is mesmerizing but then so are all of the above items. I'm really liking her kitchen.

  6. I love the drop leaf on that desk!