Sunday, May 1, 2011

Estate Sale This Morning...Showed Up WAY Early...Third In Line...Drexel Projection Bedroom Suite. Status: So Tired...Three Hours Sleep.


Oh Snap. Mr. Modtomic got up at 6:40am after going to bed at 3am? For this? $695? No Thanks. Dag. Thank God there were a few smalls to be had as well as an interesting joint to photo.




That king headboard doesn't match but I really wanted the rest of this set. But $700? $700?

Oh no no. I've already got the Drexel Projection blanket chest. Having the rest of a

beautiful set would have been great. I was thinking they might, Might want $300 for the set and

that's what I brought with me. Like I said, I was third in line and made a bee line for the

bedroom where this was. I almost wish #1 or #2 would have told me They were after the same

bedroom set so I could have gone home and back too bed.



Check out that wall paper. These folks never saw a wall covering they didn't like. Didn't much

care for the sofa in the little side room upstairs but those depression / vasaline wine glasses

are sweet.


I have a weakness for depression glass but I'm not much into the yellow (or pink...really. The

green stuff glows under a blacklight!). The anodized aluminum lazy susan almost made the cut.


Tables...lights...vignettes! The first is the back porch while the second and the polka dot lamp

were both in the basement. I was just about to snatch up that polka dot lamp but the plastic

shade was a little busted up. Shame. It was otherwise really cool.


More neat stuff in the basement. This is usually where I find the stuff I'm looking for. Most of the

estate sale companies (thankfully) still consider retro, kitschy stuff almost worthless. I love the

(cypress?) paneling around the fake fireplace!


Need some TV trays? Eh, I've seen better. I prefer the metal one to the wooden ones. None of

these were really doing it for me. Pass.


I love the colors of this office chair and the mod looking base...but I just couldn't pull the trigger

on it. I don't need MORE chairs around here! I've even made the Ib Kofod Larsen side chair

available on my craigslist ad!


  1. Any sale I've attended lately has had some "pricey" bedroom sets. That said, if you were really in the need for one, this price is much less than you would pay for new group, which wouldn't be all wood, or constucted as well. I've worked in the furniture industry and most new stuff is junk - sometimes even the $$ stuff. Still $700 is too much, and not worth the lack of sleep.

  2. Oh yeah, I did leave a bid in the bid box. Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow and they'll probably call me to come get it after I'm there at work!

  3. I would've taken the chair :)

  4. I've found a couple of pricey bedroom sets recently too, and they weren't even anything special. There's no way we're spending $700 on bedroom furniture either. It's probably the slowest moving thing in our store.