Saturday, May 21, 2011

Anybody Else A FAN Of.....Of Uhhh....Of Moving Air? Ugh...Hey, You Try Coming Up With A Witty Opener Every Day! Status: In Use.

Just like the mixers yesterday, these babies are built to last. The window fan is as heavy as a tank. The hassock fan might not be as sturdy but it's still an amazing little fan that we use in the bedroom.

...And yes, actually I do have more than these two! I have yet another window fan and another

MUCH older hassock fan out in the garage. I need to clean them up and replace the cords on

them. The cord on the other window fan overheated on one of the days we were moving

furniture here from the place on the south side. It was real stinky and a little smokey. I had it

out in the garage moving air around as it was about 115 in the shade that day. Yeah, we

picked the first SUPER hot week of the summer to move. That sucked. Two years ago and I'm

still a little bitter.


This guy is blowing on me as I write. It only has two speeds; Low and Hi. Low is sometimes a

little too much but when you need to move some air...oh baby, this is the guy to call on. I picked

this up years ago at an estate sale. I couldn't believe how heavy it was. Then I had to lug it all

the way back to the car. If you frequent estate sales you know how far away you sometimes

have to park. These days, the Girlfriend MAKES me park far away so that I don't blow a gasket

when I'm ready to leave and every other idiot is driving (in the single lane left by people parking

on BOTH sides of the street) right up to the front door of the sale to find that magical empty

spot waiting just for them only to have to drive back down that lane of shame to find that not so

magical spot WAAAAYYYY back there where the came from, all the while having to take turns

on the one lane with the OTHER idiots thinking they can beat the odds as well. But I digress.

Now we just park at the end of the obvious line of parked estate sale customers. I hate traffic

like you've never known. I'll walk, thank you. But dag that fan was heavy! Shoulda' brought

a dolly.


The great thing about a hassock fan is that it takes air off the floor and pushes it upward! We

are in a "slab" ranch. The floor is concrete. It has radiant heat so the floor is warm in the winter.

Put a fan on that warm floor that sucks air off of it and redistributes it! Genius! In the summer

the heat is off and below that concrete is the nice cool earth. The concrete is probably the

coolest surface in the house when the central AC is off. Hey, put a fan on that cool floor that

sucks air off of it and redistributes it! Genius! Hassock fans rule. I'm thinking about painting this

one. It's all plastic and I'm not enamored of the color. It'd be an easy project. Anybody got a

suggestion for the color or colors or color scheme? The "ducting" is in sections so I could

easily paint them a different color or something. I don't know. I'm just kicking ideas around.


  1. I have one of those Hassock fans; mine has all clear louvers with the top and side supports being black- you would almost think it was made in the 1980's .

  2. We have a hassock fan at work that we drag out whenever the theater is hot. (Which is often.) We affectionately refer to it as R2D2, as my boss is a Star Wars freak. Though it's a little more cone shaped than the one you have, with a wider base than the top. It really does move the air around!
    I will have to keep an eye out for more!