Thursday, May 12, 2011

Here's To The ORIGINAL Ice Makers! We Don't Need No Stinking AUTOMATIC Ice Maker. Status: Older Than God's Grandparents And Used Daily.


For real, they can be kind of a pain in the butt to use but there is a tangible sense of satisfaction in cracking those cubes free. Mmmmmm.  Something that can never be had in hearing the slight hum and muffled rumble of a modern automatic ice maker. And those pathetic plastic ice trays? Phhhhffff...whatever. If they last longer than the latest Iphone you're lucky.



Oh snap. There's two of them! Well yeah. Of course. You gotta have a least. Get

yourself a pair of these and you'll never need to buy another ice tray again. They'll last your

lifetime! Of course for parties and get togethers you'll need more...or you know...just go to the

gas station for a bag or two of ice and toss them in the cooler.


What the heck is that? Looks like some sorta aluminum insect! Freakin' weird. But yup, it's

another metal ice tray. Yup...another pair.



Weird how these two are almost exactly alike but are labeled for different manufacturers. I've

used these before and they make the funkiest of thin little ice pucks. Lot's of surface area.

Cools your drink quick.


Awe yeah...check out the Double Wide! It needs some cleanup (and lots of room in the freezer)

before use, but you don't find these bad boys every day.



Estate sale are usually a gold mine for these. Always in the basement fridge. Sometimes you'll

find them in the thrift stores and sometimes at the antique malls. I think they usually just get

tossed though. Gotta get them at the source!


  1. Cool find, in more ways than one! My hubby has been pining away for these kinds of ice trays, for the reason you suggest - the satisfaction of that CRA-A-ACK when literally breaking the ice.

  2. LOVE them!! way cooler than the plastic ones i have. hmm... now i'm on the search!

  3. Wow! those are so cool! I'm really liking the aluminum-ness of them. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for one of these!

  4. Yes! These are SO much better than the plastic ones! I even managed to find a pink aluminum one a few years ago. I was thrilled!

  5. And those are the new-fangled ones with levers! I remember how excited we were when we replaced our older ones with those. The older version had no lever, and you had to have a special tool to get the dividers out. Man, am I showing my age talking about that!

  6. Love all of the photos! We found a bunch of these at a Goodwill on Long Island. The ones in pink and blue sold right away. These are easily sold for $10 each at our antique booth. I'm amazed at the comments, so many people have never seen them before....

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