Saturday, May 7, 2011

(Snap! The "Eames" Knock Off Sold For $255!) Took The Day Off And Hit An Estate Sale, Couple Thrift Stores And An Antique Mall. Status: Got My Shoppin' On...But Didn't Buy Much.


Just missed getting this Eames Style lounge chair and ottoman. Expect to see it here on eBay soon. I kinda figured I'd miss out. I didn't get up early and wait outside for hours. It sold for...wait for it.....$10.


The only other item I was even slightly interested in was this Jere-like art. Not signed. Probably

an '80s version made in Hong Kong. It didn't make the cut.






All this vintage retro goodness was at the Salvation Army in St. Charles this morning.  Mother

Modtomic is going to pick up the long white sofa tomorrow morning.  I almost bought it myself.

  It's got great lines.  The upholstery just isn't quite my style.  It fits her style nicely though.  She

decorates so eclectically.  The coffee table and end table almost made the cut...I guess I just

wasn't in a buying mood.  The end table is Lane.  It could benefit from some elbow grease as

could the coffee table.  If you need a love seat AND an extra bed...well you could do worse

than the last offering above.  It's a classic.


This danish style Nine Drawer dresser was at the St. Charles Goodwill.  I shot some pics of it off

to a person who asked me if I had one available.  It's the right style and a pretty good price.  I

hope she went and got it.


These dish sets were at the St. Charles Antique mall. The first set is all Russel Wright Iroquois.

Pretty good price on the plates. I think there were 9 for $27. The divided dish was a bit pricier.

It was the only piece I was interested in. Didn't buy it. The second set was Metlox Poppytrail.

Huh, I didn't know they made a set like this. Nice set...pretty color.


  1. I can't believe that eames style chair was only $10 that was a hell of a deal!!!!

  2. Um hang on....I need to recover from hearing the Eames chair was TEN DOLLARS!!! Are ya kidding me?! That is unheard of. I always say this but I need to say it again, I cannot believe the mid century finds in your midwest thrift stores. Geez!

  3. Momma Modtomic purchased the long low sofa and loves it. Went and picked it up and installed it in her living room this morning. Looks amazing.

  4. You can never have too many sofas! I've been busy trying to convince my girlfriend of my reasonings for more sofas! I bet that does look great in your house!

  5. I knew he would gbet it! I had plans to take off work for it but they fell through. Can't believe he got it for $10!!! I really wanted one of those.