Sunday, May 22, 2011

Since I Was In St. Charles Anyway... You Know, It's Crazy The Good Stuff That The Salvation Army Gets Over There! Status: Yet TWO MORE Fantastic Sofas.


This was the first one to catch my eye. If you can stand the Hollywood Regency upholstery it's a steal. If you can afford to have it re-upholstered it's a bargain. If you can re-upholster it yourself it's a deal!

I don't know if the proprietors have really good taste or if this particular Salvation Army Thrift

Store is just lucky! I do know this; the local Salvation Army Thrift Stores are your best bet for

finding something good, furniture wise! They might not always have something great, but they

will sooner or later. And you better not be lollygagging! If you remember this sofa I spotted

there a few weeks ago
you'll be sad to know that by the time Mother Modtomic realized she

wanted to bring it home, it was long gone.


This is what I see in my mind when I hear a person describe a sofa with great bones but needs

more appropriate upholstery. I could live with this as is. I think I could put together an

appropriately eclectic collection of mid century and hollywood regency furnishings and

ephemera to pull it off. Heck...I might just go back for it! It's very firm and comfortable. And at

just $85, how could I go wrong?


More long and low bones! I'm in love with the style, but that pattern... ::sigh:: I think these are

both Davenports as they have no loose back cushions. I think that is what makes a sofa or

couch a Davenport. Anyway, I love them, both. If either had a better upholstery pattern I would

have hung my head in shame and loaded it into the car. But alas, I left both behind for a lucky

buyer. Too bad the Salv. Army ain't open on Sundays! Better get there Monday morning if you

hope to snatch one of these babies up! And if you do, leave a note here. Let us know they've

gone to good homes.


  1. It's absolutely unbelievable to me that people think they can change the style of a piece of furniture by changing the upholstery. Have a nice Danish sofa but really like country? No problem...just throw a rooster print on it, and it'll be fine...LOL What were they thinking with that floral print???

  2. I am in LOVE with the first sofa!!! Why don't you go get it for me and I'll come get it from your garage of treasures?
    BTW, went to a killer home tour yesterday in Columbus, IN. You and the GF would have been in heaven.

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    Forgive my using your comment section for this.
    I want to share this with you and your readers as it is a wonderful documentary and a 'must see' for all those that love all things atomic/modern.

  4. call me crazy, the floral would so work for me. love them both!