Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Pattern Is Called Calligraphy. It Strikes Me As Looking Both Organic AND Atomic At The Same Time. Whadoyathink? Status: Available.


Did a little diggin' around and found out this pattern was designed by noted WPA artist Anton Refregier! I believe the Girlfriends father published a book on WPA writers a few years ago. He's been itchin' for me to gift him something interesting from my huntings and gatherings. If I can't find a new home for these quickly, maybe he'd like the set.

I snatched up this set last Saturday after I dropped the Girlfriend off at her schools graduation.

I was in St. Charles and had a few hours to kill so I decided to check all my favorite "traps". I

always forget that the Salv. Army stores are closed on Sunday so it was fortuitous that I made

my rounds Saturday. These were not found at the Salv. Army thrift store though (shocking...I

know!) but at the Goodwill just a few blocks away. They were still on the "Farm Fresh" cart and

hadn't been placed on the shelves yet. I boogied back up front and grabbed a cart to load

them up.


That's a lot of dishes. 42 pieces to be exact. The thing I hate about buying dishes is the

ridiculous amount of effort involved in wrapping them up to get them out of the store! I can just

feel the other customers behind me rolling their eyes. I hate the inefficiency of it all. It really

drives me nuts. Sometimes though you get a checker who really knows their stuff and gets it all

packed up safely and super quick, but I still kinda dread taking a big set up to the counter as

people who possess a good work ethic and or the capacity to be efficient are so few and far

between. Most of the time my brain is screaming at the clerk; "If you'd just...You might

wanna...Perhaps if you'd try...Just let me do it!" But I never say anything. I try to be good.


Made in the good ol' U. S. of A.! Paden City Pottery. Did you know that Paden City Pottery

ALSO produced the Biscayne
pattern? It's true! I only found this out while trying to ascertain

the name of the pattern (Calligraphy) of these dishes. Isn't that weird? How have I never run

across a piece of Biscayne by Paden City Pottery? I got tons of the stuff!


Another mystery, how did I end up with 10 teacups and only 1 saucer? Freaky. At first I thought

all those smallest plates were saucers. Nope, not a one. How the heck does someone loose or

break all the saucers? How the heck does one find a bunch of replacement saucers for such

an obscure and dare I say "rare" dining set? Hmmm...maybe someone will relieve me of them

and tackle the problem themselves!


  1. It seems like I always find a pile of saucers and no tea/ coffee cups at the thrifts (sorry, i don't have any of that pattern).

  2. Those are very interesting. I'd never heard of that pattern either, and it amazes me how much mid-century china keeps coming to the surface. I bet you sell those pretty quickly.

  3. Holla to my fellow Saint Louisan! You give me hope that there are some gems in our local thrifty retailers. Also, props on your defense of Mrs. Brick House. Your blogs give me inspiration for my own thrifty abode.

  4. bop - 'Tis true dat. I do have piles of cupless Russel Wright saucers AND I passed up a set of Franciscan Oasis saucers but of course...I never find what I actually need!

    Dana - You'd think they'd fly off the proverbial shelf but it took me quite some time to pass on the Metlox Confetti set, and that was a NICE set!

    paige... - Hey! Nice to meet ya. Oh, there's lots and lots to be had out there in our area. I've been gettin pretty lucky at the Salvation Army thrift stores lately. I wish Brick House posted more often. She's got a good lookin blog.

  5. I have this whole set 4095029364 if u would like