Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Eeez Jamaica Bay Mon! Jus A Leetle Somting Ta Tempt Ya To Da Deena Table. Status: Anybody Else Thirsty For A Red Stripe?.


When I unearthed the box of Blue Heaven last week I found a bonus treasure inside. A big addition to my collection of Colorcraft Jamaica Bay dishware by Taylor, Smith & Taylor! This is a beautiful cousin to the Cathay line (which is mostly green) and the Moderne line (which substitutes the greens for browns). Note the other major difference being the colored ring that is conspicuously missing from the Jamaica Bay line.



I know...still all packaged up from the Goodwill! I must have snatched this up just as we where

packing up to move...almost two years ago. Egad. Anyway, this isn't even all of it. I've got more.

Lots more. Someday I'll shoot that as well and present another posting on it.


What initially drew me to this pattern was that it seemed to seamlessly combine Tiki and

Atomic! Does anyone else see this?


And so cheap! What you see here represents maybe a $25-30 investment and can set a table

for eight...well almost. Missing a few coffee mugs. And what good are saucers without teacups?

Lucky I have lots of those elsewhere. The serving pieces however are a new and welcome

addition to the collection.


Like I said, cheap! This was the first pattern I ever started collecting. The second pattern

overall but the FIRST first pattern was Kasuga Showa Bamboo and I have never found any

other pieces of I can't really say I'm collecting it. Oh...I take that back, I did manage to

find a giant salad (or spaghetti!) bowl years ago. I'll post about that set another time but let me

leave you with this about was the first thing I ever bought at a flea market.

Above is my dining table at the other address (My lil' bungalow!). It's set with some of the rest

of my Jamaica Bay collection. You can see the teacups, berry bowls, sugar and creamer here.


  1. awesome i saw this set at a local antique mall and almost fainted...but it was priced at $100 for a 6 people set..loved ur collection

  2. I love this set! One of my favorite patterns. Wow, how cute is your little green dining set?! Love!

  3. I love this set as well, kind of similar to my Canonsburg Temporama with the whole tiki/atomic vibe going on.

  4. The Cononsburg Temporama is very similar but much more refined in my opinion. These look like a cheap knock off of that pattern. Not that I'm complaining! I still love my Jamaica I love my Jamaican Rum! Mmmm...anybody up for a Cuba Libre?

  5. Oh my god. I have been looking for this set forever!! If, at any point, you want to sell this set, please please please contact me.