Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh Jeez...This Is Getting Ridiculous. I Gotta Start Getting Outta Bed Earlier. Status: Did I Just Throw Up A Little?


Pretty ain't it? And right down the street. And since it's at the Salvation Army it's gonna be cheap too. So what gives with the Status? Oh, read on my friend...but be warned, it's gonna hurt a little.

You've probably guessed already. I mean, it's not like I got a PhD in subterfuge or anything. It

was...well...I can't even type it. Just looky.


Whaaaaa.... I want it I want it I want it!!! This dining table set is one of the few I would replace

the Broyhill Brasilia with. It's by Lane so you know it's built like a tank. The style is Perception.

You'll see the coffee and end tables here and there but the dining suite doesn't seem to be at

all common.


All of the chairs seemed to be in really good shape. Since it wasn't available I didn't give each a

once over or anything. Why torture myself? The set was complete though with four side

chairs and two captain or armchairs. I'm totally smitten with the backrests even though the rest

of the chair details are kinda run-of-the-mill for the style.


There were some scratches in the table top but nothing that looked like a deal breaker or that

couldn't be easily fixed. As much as I love the backrests, the table legs come a close second in

the beauty contest. It's the subtle details that make this such a nice set. It's otherwise just a

nice modest set designed as I've read by Warren C. Church. I guess I gotta start getting up

early on Monday and Tuesday to check my local "traps" as this has happened again in the not

too distant past
. Ugh, I hate mornings...but Mr. Modtomic's got to do what Mr. Modtomic's got

to do.


  1. Aw, what a shame! I hate mornings too, but I hate it worse when someone beats me to the good stuff.

  2. I have this exact same set minus 2 chairs. What was the price? In the past month, had this set (6 chairs, 2 leaves) listed for $1200!

    Question: one of my cats barfed on the table (I know, I wanted to kill him) and left a stain. What's the best way to get that out? Sanding and restaining the whole table? Help!

    PS: I love your blog. It's become my first destination each morning! :)

  3. Wow! That really is an amazing Dining set! too bad you missed out on such a fantastic deal. I need to get up earlier too so I can score better deals like this!

  4. Dana - That's a tough call...I'm Really not a morning person!

    Diana - Yikes! What are you feeding your cats? I don't really know what to do. I wouldn't sand anything but scratches that are deep enough to make tossing the table a consideration. I feel like a few scratches lend a table some time worn character. I did recently read some hints for removing water rings and they might be applicable to your situation. Maybe a DRY Iron and a T-shirt would work?

    Mr. Fizz - I know. Them early birds are gettin' all our worms!

  5. Thanks Mr. Mod! I'll try the iron/t-shirt method this weekend!

  6. I successfully removed water rings from a teak table with a tea towel and iron. You need to be slow and patient. I sympathize with the cat thing though. It's a regular barf-o-rama here with our 3 and is why my Brasilia is covered with a retro oil cloth. That and my 2 messy boys...