Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh Sweet! Another Great Shop Here In St. Louis. 11th Street Antique And Modern In Soulard. Amazing Stuff And Modest Prices. Status: Friday, Saturday and Sunday Only.


Lucky Dog. Not only gets to hang out in an ever changing Mid Century Modern (& Antique) environment but...well look. Lucky dog.

No...she's not the proprietor. Just a customer who happened to be at the shop while I was there

shooting. This was the only moment I could catch the little pooch sittin' still. The proprietor,

Gus, declined to have his pics published. It's cool, this is really all about the shop anyway,



The house kitty on the other hand (fat and friendly) had no problem sittin' still for a shot. I don't

think this one moved much the entire time I was there!



Obviously because of turnover you're not likely to find the same items greeting you as You

enter the shop, but this is what I found. Gus has a great eye for this stuff. I'm not just saying

that because he prominently featured a Broyhill Brasilia dining suite much like my own at the

front of the shop.








Gus keeps a pretty eclectic stock but specializes in larger items. He also sells on eBay

occasionally. He is willing to ship just about anything you'd like to purchase. I was surprised at

how reasonable his prices were. The walnut / white desk with the wire Eames chair near the

front door? I believe the set was priced at $300. Not too shabby. The large contemporary

creamy leather two piece sectional was priced to a customer at $400 while I was there.










There were more items in the basement where the lighting wasn't too good. Even the items

relegated to the basement were so good that I had to do my best to get decent pics and let you

all know what's to be found down the somewhat treacherous steps! It's worth taking a look.

Really, pick a nice weekend day and spend it in Soulard. Go to the Soulard Market, get some

brunch / lunch at one of the great bars or restaurants and then stop by 11th Street Antique &

Modern and spend an hour bending Gus' ear about finding, buying and loving all things

vintage and modern...like I did! You probably won't leave empty handed.

11th Street Antique & Modern
11th Street & Allen Ave. St. Louis Mo 63104

Phone: 314-503-0048 or 314-324-8439


  1. I've been swingin by there every few weeks for the past few months...really dig it. And I can't believe nobody has snatched that magazine rack! I love that thing, I just havn't been able to pull the trigger (only $35)

  2. I love this place! My husband and I stopped by a few months ago when we were still transitioning to St. Louis (read: living with family while we waited for our house in KC to sell). Now that we're officially Benton Park residents we've been meaning to stop by and see if we can snag a retro credenza or any other awesome pieces.

  3. Holy cow, and I'm not just talking about the customer! ("wow" incidentally)

  4. So I do believe I have went head to head with this Gus person at an auction because I recognize a few of those items that are for sale and know exactly where they come from. Are his prices better than TFA? It looks like he has the original hutch part on the Brasillia piece. Wonder how much he is asking..

  5. your store looks sweet!! you have good taste

  6. Does anyone know the maker of the the mustard/wood chair the girl is sitting on in the first photo?


  7. This is now vandeventer vintage

    open 11-6 Friday and Saturday onl
    1437 s. vandeventer