Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yet More Booty From Last Saturday's Estate Sale, But Don't Worry...There's A Light At The End Of The Tunnel...And It's Danish Modern! Status: Swanky Swag.


I'll admit, I bought the rest of the large items from the estate sale last Saturday hoping to move them on. This I bought to keep. I almost didn't get it though.

Sometimes these sales have so much stuff to look through that it can be easy to miss

something great. It's easy to get distracted and sometimes it's hard to focus. I myself was

distracted by a Broyhill Sculptra dining suite. I SO almost bought it.


It was just too much work to get it all home and store it though. I passed and I hope it made it

to a good home.


This made the cut though. I had already paid for the big gray swivel rocker and the other tables

as well as some other little items I had bought. I just came back to take the above pics (sad

pics, I know) to send to Gus over at 11th Street Antique & Modern thinking he might want to

pick up the set for his shop. While I was back in there I noticed this swag lamp hanging WAY up

near the ceiling. It was so high up that it was really hard to get down. You should have seen us

all trying to figure out how to get it down and what to use. It was pretty funny!


I think I know where to place this. I need to get a swag hook for the ceiling first though. Ugh, like

I don't have a million billion other things to (remember to) do this weekend! I need to get some

other stuff from the hardware store anyway. Our ductwork in the attic needs to be better sealed

up so I'm gonna get a couple cans of expanding foam and some duct tape. We ain't turned on

the AC yet, but it's supposed to get REAL warm this weekend. It's kinda weird that we've never

taken down the skull wreath (remember? Nightmare Before Christmas?) isn't it!


Bonus! It even came with a compact florescent bulb! Sweet. It's going up in the bedroom soon.

It'll look great with the other danish lamps in there as well as the Brasilia bedroom furniture.


  1. Cool! That swag could be a cousin to one we have in the shop.

  2. spectacular! There is an auction of a house full of mid mod furniture on Sunday; I hope I can find ONE piece, like this, that I don't have to fight ALL the dealers in Ohio to get.