Monday, May 2, 2011

After The Somewhat Disappointing Estate Sale Yesterday I Found This BeeYooTeeFul Grundig Delmonico Stereo / Drybar. Status: Drybar? Youbetcha! (Oh...and it's Available! Er, was available...gone now.)


This helped make Saturday's Estate Sale bust go down a little easier. I was on my way home after the sale (didn't get a call today...guess my bid box offer wasn't good enough ::shrugg::) when I decided I should make a stop at the local Salv. Army thrift store. I had actually just passed up the turn when I decided I should make the side trip. I'm glad I turned around.

It's not perfect by any means. I can't get any sound out of the record player needle and there is

a defect in the finish on the left side where a screw almost poked through from the inside.

There was also some sort of black paint spatter all over the front that I've removed but I

couldn't remove it from the push buttons on the front. But it still looks and sounds amazing! It's

that warm tube driven amplifier.



Here it is all scared and alone after being abandoned by it's former owners. You can just barely

see the black spatter on the front. I wonder if this is why it was donated? The paint came off

pretty easily although it took some time.


Here's the "before and after" of some of it after I had already removed a large section of it.

Goof Off was used with a cotton swab to remove each little spot then I quickly wiped the

cleaner and detritus off the finish with a paper towel dampened with Murphy Oil Soap mixed

with water.


Neat huh?! Check out the "Pop Out" side speakers. Space saving efficiency. Oh those

Germans. Always coming up with stuff.


I didn't even know that the side speakers popped out like this until I got the unit home and

started messing around with it. Bonus!


Like I said above, I haven't yet been able to get sound out of the turntable section but that may

be an easy fix. The turntable spins and all the mechanisms work. The FM turner and amplifier

work nicely. Great sound and there is a Tape Input so an Ipod like device or CD player can be

connected and that works as well! I think I might try to hook up one of my other Turntables and

see if the short is in the included Turntable. Hopefully it's an easy fix. Sounds like fun, huh?


Oh yeah, the best part! An included dry bar! How cool is that. Now this is an entertainment

center! I'll probably be making this available soon...liqueur not included.

Update: Gone to a happy new home as of 06/12/11.


  1. WOW!!!! That is an amazing little record player/ dry bar! I sure would have loved to find that thing! you just don't see anything that beautiful hardly anymore. I really like the pop out speakers and the curves on it and the front of the radio looks really cool as well.

  2. I have been looking for a turn table for a while now... Can't wait to see what you asking for this when you put it up... How long before it goes up?

  3. The turntable issue may be that it simply needs a new cartridge.

  4. Looks like I know just enough to more thoroughly confuse myself. So I hooked up my other (working) turntable. I could hear the record play but only softly when I turned up the volume all the way. I unhooked it and hooked the original turntable back up and then I found that I could hear it as well under the same circumstance. It's like it's missing an RCA amplifier. If the RCA amplifier were bad would a signal still go through it?

    I hate electronics. It's voodoo how it all works.

  5. I am glad that I found your blog. I have to stay a while and look around. Do you ever link up to the thrift parties? Thrift Share Monday, Nifty Thrifty Tuesday, Treasure Hunt Thursday, etc? It would be great to have you join in.

  6. OMG a dry bar and flip out speakers?! Too cool for school.

  7. Love, Love, Love this, being a vinylwhore it's hard not to.

  8. tengo un Grundind so 342...cuanto cuesta?

  9. I have one exactly like that can I ask how much you sold it for I am thinking about selling mine and I would like to know what the market is for this.

  10. woow wonderfull romane and nice decoration lsoc

  11. Can I please ask if you remember how much you sold this record player? My parents have the same one but in a darker color. Thank you.

    1. Hi Awilda.

      Send me an e-mail. I don't generally discuss those particulars here.