Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Did JUST Manage To Pop Into A Pair Of Estate Sales This Weekend. Showed Up Late But Managed To Still Snatch Up Some Goodies, Including This Table! Status: Already Spoken For?


I didn't get up early as I'd have liked (not really Liked liked...but you know what I mean) to hit estate sales. Dragged my butt up at the crack of 10. Luckily the first estate sale was only a couple miles down the highway.

What drew me to this sale was a couple of pics on the internet of a Broyhill Sculptra dining

suite that was available. I was mildly interested in the set, but not so much in all the effort it

would take to get it home and all the space it would take up. I passed, even though they were

pretty desperate to have it sold. They were wheeling and dealing at 11am! This just doesn't

happen at estate sales 'round here. I think I coulda' got it pretty cheap. I sent Gus from 11th

Street Antique And Modern
an email and pics of the set. Wonder if he capitalized. Anyway...



I picked up this little lamp table and a few other tasty items. It was a beautiful day but there

didn't seem to be a lot of people at the sale. It was kinda weird. It was well advertised. It had a

great mix of items. The prices were good. I even had a great time hamming it up with the

sellers! Maybe there was a LOT more people and stuff there earlier. ::shrugg::


Oh, and here's what that Howard Feed N Wax does for a table that's already in pretty good

shape. Wait 'til ya see what it does to a table that REALLY needs it! I'm sold. You should be

too. And speaking of "sold", I think this is going to yet another home tomorrow evening! Already

have a buyer for it. Dag, that'll be the quickest flip I've ever managed!


  1. lovely find...i have a question...how do i remove oil stains from my Lane dining table...pl help

  2. Feed N Wax works miracles, especially on "thirsty," dried out wood. I love the stuff! Cool little table.

  3. That is one sweet lil' table. Weird bout the lack of people, maybe there were a bunch of estate sales so the "crowd" were spread out.

  4. Just discovered your blog the other day (found it while scouring craigslist) and I have to say... I am pretty sure I love you. How do you find all of this wicked stuff?!