Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thank You Veterans! Thank You For Protecting Our Freedom Of Speech! Here's To The Blog! Status: Long Weekend - Wentzville Flea Market.


Hit the Flea Market this weekend. It was kind of a bust. I guess vendors saved all the good stuff for the Gypsy Caravan (an annual pay to get in flea market here in St. Louis). I had a HUGE project today so I didn't make it to the Gypsy Caravan. Sad.

I didn't find any vintage modern goodies that I had to have out at Wentzville Sunday. I did find a

little something I kinda needed. I've been possibly looking for a new digital camera, one with a

digital level built in. You know, an indicator that lets you know when the camera is level. We

had to take an unexpected trip to the big electronics store to get the Girlfriends laptop fixed.

While there I found that you can buy one for about $500. I don't really need a new camera but I

would like that feature. But $500? Hmmmm...maybe not. My cheapy tripod had one but it's

busted and anyway, it wouldn't have worked since the camera "foot" doesn't sit level on

the clamp so the camera wouldn't be level. But I found a $10 tripod at the flea market with a

level and it's of a fair bit better quality than the old stand by. The foot fits right so the level will

work. This should make picture takin' a little bit easier on your's truly. Anyway, here's some pics

of some of the good stuff that I didn't pick up.


Yup, it was a beautiful day and the joint was hoppin'! Hey look, binoculars for a Pirate! Aaarrrr.


Both of these sets were tempting. I loved the little corner desk and dressers set but it was

(really, really badly) painted white. The chair that was with it reminds me of the Hans Wegner

Wishbone chair. The other chair was part of a full dining suite. It reminded me of Dana's Drexel

Profile. The asking was just $250 but I had no room for it or the desire to load it all into the

wagon. Too much work.


Living in a studio? Not a lot of room? Check out the vintage compact dining set. The Girlfriend

had one of these (a lot newer) when I first met her. It's such a neat design, the way the chairs

fold up and store inside the middle. Then right next to it was this cool little mini fridge! Never

seen one with a separate door for the freezer.


I thought about picking this up to go with my Occupied Japan Vase. But I didn't. I just wasn't in

the buyin' mood I guess.





There were all sorts of smalls that kinda caught my eye, but again...nothing begged me to drag

it home.


Then there are the "I saw on 1st dibs that these are worth..." vendors. I spotted these Luther

Conover fiberglass chairs and thought "Finally! Score!" Oh no...no no no. The seller quoted

me an asking price of $350 each (and so not mint). Oh...and would cut a deal for the set of

three at an even $1000....at the flea market. I'm going to hazard a guess that he probably

loaded these up and took them home with him. I doubt you could get that for them even on

eBay. Oh well, everybody's welcome to give it a shot, right?!

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  1. Haha! I love it when people price things way to high and they never sell it! however, I hate it when they do that on something totally awesome like those chairs! :(