Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wh..Whoa...You Ok? Lil' Too Much To Drink There? Neah...Your Not Seeing Double! I Just Found A Mate For The "Robot Head" Toaster. Status: Not Cleaned Up.


These toasters are so unique that I thought I'd never see another one. I found the second one at an estate sale last weekend where as the original came from an antique mall out near Columbia Mo.


You know...most people would see another piece of vintage ephemera that they've already got

and say to themselves "eh, I've already got one". I guess it's hard to say no to the hoarding

gene! You can only "deal" with it. "Well, I won't just buy Any old has to be a special



Who'd have thought I'd find a second? Now, of course...I want a THIRD! The "new" guy needs

a thorough cleaning and possibly some mechanical work inside, but it looks like a good starting

point. There are some minor cleaning scratches on the outside but no major gouges or dents.

I'd have sadly left it behind if it had any dents. It'll clean up nice, I'm sure.



As you can see, the little toaster oven part in the bottom isn't all trashed with burned on gunk.

A good sign. I haven't tried it out to see if it works yet. I think it will. People tended to shelve

these older (retro!) style appliances when they fell out of style whether they worked or not. And

these old babies tend to be well built.



This it the first one I bought. This is what I'm hoping the new guy will clean up to look like.

Mmmmm...shiny shiny!

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  1. Hey, I have one of those! purchased from a thrift shop in palm springs. mine is missing a knob though. thought I could find a replacement knob, no luck yet.