Friday, June 10, 2011

Got The Girlfriend A Lil' Sumpthin Sumpthin At That Estate Sale A Couple Weeks Ago. Status: She Likey!


Right. Mr. Modtomic doesn't collect purses. Buuuttt, if he did...they'd all be fabulous!


The Girlfriend doesn't always have time to hit the estate sales like yours truly. When she is

relegated to sitting at home trying desperately to get some sort of work done I try to make sure

I find her something she'd like. It's not to difficult really. She's so easy. Wait...not easy easy,

just not difficult.


The purse was a pretty good deal. $15? Thanks, I'll take that. These things go for a few dollars

more than that at the antique malls & about double what I paid on eBay.


It's not in mint condition or anything but that's ok. It's not for resale. It's just for admiring. I'll try

to fix up the interior so that she can store jewelry and whatnot in it. Since it's not a rare gem or

anything I don't think a complete gut job would be inappropriate.


Oh, and I got her a little salt, pepper and toothpick holder set at the same sale. All for the

Girlfriend. Can a brotha' get an "awwwwwww"?! Neah, just remember all the goodies I bought

for ME!


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