Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thrifty Thrifts. We Sorta Just Got Home From The Drive In (Skyview - Belleville Il.) After Poking Around In Thrift Stores All Day So This I Gonna Be A Quicky. Status: Hit And Run.


Oh Snap! It was a fine day to be Mr. Modtomic. Took the day off work to have a 3 day weekend. Found these babies for $uper Cheap. Hit the drive in for a double feature of Green Lantern and X Men First Class.

Can anybody (except you Dana! I already e-mailed you 'bout them!) tell me what's so special about these chairs from this admittedly unhelpful photo? There's no prize but you get the buzz of knowing you were the first to "get it". I'll be doing a full posting on these another time. This is just a tease!


Instant coffee carafe collection! Can't affort the time or money for a trip to New Orleans? Gotcha covered!


Oh the beautiful colors. Need to melt some cheese or take some coffee to work....in STYLE? Here ya go.


Speaking of color, look at the pretty pink dishes. Taylor Smith Taylor. You know how hard it was to leave these behind? The pink wax kitty candle? Easy to leave behind. Could you imagine what that would look like after an hour or two being lit? Creepy.


I kinda liked the vintage hanging planter. It reminds me of those TV lamps. I can't grow anything so it stayed. Only three Made In Japan retro coffee cups? No thanks.


This all made the cut. I love the cordial size stuff. I found the other three roly poly silver banded glasses after shooting this pic. You know I gotta have a set!


This had an ugly particle board laminate top on it but otherwise it'd be perfect for a TV stand / media center. Too long for our TV spot though. Left behind.


They had like three of these desks. They were all a little rough but could make for a great before and after type project. Good lines and cheap too. The big print made the cut and got stuffed into the back of Frank Jr. It's a Lee Burr print. I couldn't possibly leave that behind!


  1. chairs def look like drexel...kipp maybe!!

  2. Can that top be replaced? That media stand looks cool.