Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Broyhill Brasilia Dining Chair Suite. The Whole Set. Just Wanting For A Table. Status:Update - All Gone.


This is what the Brasilia dining chairs look like with the original upholstery...after 50 years of use.  These need a little love and help but if you need a set to get your Brasilia set going, I got 'em!

I got this set from Dan last weekend when I went over to shoot their ridiculously cool

home. He had acquired them as a set and was going to clean up and use a pair of them to

have 8 total available but life sometimes just doesn't give us enough hours in the day...or

enough room in the garage. He needed to let them go. I figured I could find a needy home for



I don't know if the upholstery is salvageable but it is the original fabric. Maybe it can be cleaned

but it looks rough as is. I'm not a fan myself but some people (usually myself included) want

complete originality. I'm going to give the wood a complete cleanup with the Murphy Oil Soap

and see what they look like. I think they'll clean up nice.


If anybody in the St. Louis area or nearby is looking for Brasilia chairs, let me know. I haven't

listed these on c-list yet so you might be able to snatch them up before I do. I have my own

complete set so these aren't needed here either. I'm willing to break up the set evenly as well.


They aren't perfect examples but I won't be asking 1stDibs prices either. Like I said, they need

some help (I can even perhaps offer reupholstery for a price) but it might just be a way to start

your Brasilia dining collection without squashing your bank balance!



  1. Do you still have these for sale? My parents broke one of mine and I am looking for a replacement.

    livingroomfloor @ gmail dot com

  2. I am interested in these chairs. Could we arrange shipping to Boulder, CO ?

    please contact me:

    thanks! pete

  3. We can have them picked up if the price is right. Let us know what you are asking. Art and Bonnie email -

  4. Sorry folks...Stephanie above got three of them and I think that at least two more (maybe all) might be spoken for. Stay tuned though...I never know when another set will find it's way to me!

  5. Ok, so a little update. They are ALL gone now! Not a single one left.