Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Wish I Could Schedule My "Thrift Score" Postings Like Most Everybody Else. It's Just Too Hard With Daily Posting. Status: Thrift Share Anyday!


We were out doin' a little light car shoppin' this afternoon but STILL managed to do tiny bit of thrift shopping. I got a cool cork pen (and postit note?) holder plus another cheap swung glass vase (that's 3 so it's an official collection!).


See? Goodies! We couldn't close the deal on a car but we had a good time at the Bethesda

Thrift store on Manchester Rd. I talked to the proprietor about vintage stuff and pricing. This is

an interesting shop in that while there are lots and lots of general thrift items priced at thrifty

prices (I bought two!), she also has a section of pricier items that are perhaps more highly

sought after.


I was of course drawn to these dish sets. They were on the shelves with all the more expensive

items. At first I was a little taken aback at the asking price of the Salem Northstar. $2.99 each

piece. "Huh"? "Really"? I asked if they were marked "each" and probably had a bemused look

on my face when I was informed that they were indeed $2.99 each. The proprietor then asked

(after checking out a few customers) if maybe she had over priced the pieces. I didn't realize

that she had a section set up for special items and after taking with her about it for a few

minutes I realized that these were not inappropriately priced at all. It's just not what you expect

to pay at a thrift shop, but that's just because I'm (we?) used to thrift shops not know or caring

what "special" items are really "worth".




There were all kinds of great smalls and dishes.  Some of them were both, check out the tiny

little miniature set above!  They're so great that I can't imagine them being used by children! 

They are marked "made in Japan" but I didn't see any other maker mark.  The square plastic

set of pastel dishes were pretty cool too.



Can you believe that I passed on buying these vintage bowling bags?  The fiberglass one is so

mod it just kills me!




This is a small shop but it holds an impressive amount of stuff. I wish it was closer. I'd visit more

often. There is a St. Vincent DePaul thrift store just across the road so it's worth making a trip

to both. You're bound to find something to take home with ya.


  1. Yeah! It's thrift score all day, any day!

  2. I need a vintage Bowling Bag!! Dang! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for one now!

  3. its strange that we expect thrift stores to be thrifty but cant resist bidding for something on ebay as well!!..

  4. So funny!! I had that cork desk thing in my shopping basket the other day but put it back up on the shelf because it smelled soooooo bad... It smelled like smoke or bbq sauce or something.... Bethesda and SVDP are my stomping grounds... I got almost every day and they always have a fantastic selection!!! Two of my favs in west county!!

  5. It was so nice to meet you yesterday, a fellow 60's lover! We depend solely on the donations of good hearted people to support our mission. We support Bethesda Lutheran Homes. We have 4 in the greater St. Louis area. They are small group homes for intellectually and developementally disabled people.
    Sudha's comment is very funny to me. I used to be an ebay junkie. By the time I spent money on shipping charges that were very high, it really wasn't that much of a bargain.
    Visit our web site at
    There is a $5 coupon off a $20 purchase there.
    And, the bowling bags are 1/2 price this week!!!!