Saturday, June 11, 2011

Night Before Last I Got To Itchin' For Some Grillin'. Just Pulled The Vintage Weber Over To The Patio Door And Cooked Up Some Burgers And Brats! Status: Ah...Summer!

The Weber kettle and Salterini "Pod" lounge chair

Yep, I do have a growing collection of vintage (and not so) grilling equipment. You might remember that I got a beautiful near mint condition Red Weber Kettle not too long ago. There's more where that came from!

Brown (sunburst?) Weber kettle.

This brown sunburst was the first "collectible" Weber kettle I found. I do have two red ones as

well, one of which you've already seen and another that also has the sunburst effect like this

one. I need to get them all out and take a nice group photo set some day. These are all older

pics that I don't believe I've shared here yet.

The Charcoal Grill CollectionSSPX1637

Here's a pic of some of the collection. Plus, I "splurged" on a new Crate and Barrel green

Smokey Joe. I couldn't justify $300 plus for the big one. Maybe in a few years I'll be able to buy

one used at a more reasonable price. I really do have a thing for funky colored Webers. I

REALLY want to find an Avocado sunburst one. I see one all the time at this firehouse down by

the Salv. Army thrift store on Forest Park Pkwy. but it's all chipped and rusty. Not quite up to

my standard. But at least I know they exist! It took a long time to get a good Red one...I gots

patience a plenty.


Yeah, the brown kettle is IMHO a collectible piece but it ain't no trailer queen. Meat gets cooked

on this baby. And check out the chimney charcoal starter! Everyone who grills should have one

of these. I got this one for a couple of bucks at a thrift store. It so does the job.

I love how this video looks like it was shot with a super 8 camera in the sixties! Nope...cell

phone. I had this same raging flame going on the other night at about midnight getting some

coals ready. I cooked 8 big burger patties and 10 brats, just to have them in the fridge ready to

warm up in the microwave. I'm weird, I know.


  1. Stop! You're making me crave something from the grill. We just sold a Salterini like yours with a lounge attachment and the rocker version. Those things are really in demand here.

  2. Nice Grill.. I've got A very clean early 70's Grey 22" and a not so clean one. MMMM FOOOOD

  3. Love the grills! Thanks for sharing the great photos. There's a bunch of like-minded Weber kettle cookers here:

    Come join us!

  4. I second that, come over and check out the site and post some pics, recipes or just some BS..