Monday, June 6, 2011

Ah, 'Twas A Splendid (If Short) Weekend For Art Lovers (This Guy)! Corraled Two Lovely Pieces Of About The Same Dimensions! Status: Ka-Bloom!


Funny that about the only thing I found this weekend would be two tall portrait style pieces of mid century art. No chairs, no sofas, no dressers, dishes, lamps, tables...nothing! Just some old art.

Well, it's a good thing I'm an avid appreciater of classy (really?) art! This beautiful piece was

liberated from the Frisom Flea Market. Like I said yesterday, it's not really a flea market. It's a

place to buy burned DVDs and the like. But there are a couple Junk-tique dealers still in there.

I got this from one of them.


Yeah, this is one of those places where you have to DIG through stuff to find the goods. It's

kinda nuts how much stuff was in this space. I'd say 80% of the junk in there was under the

other 20%. I just don't understand what the point is of having that much stuff that buyers can't

even see what you've got. Hoarder Sellers? Weird.


So here it is in the light of day. I'm a big fan of this style. I love the bold dark outlining of the

subject. I do wish the color was a bit more saturated but that's just part of the style. The frame

is a little beat up but it can easily be replaced.


Hmmmm, Van Lowe. The only thing I could find on line was this posting on another blog of

another piece by Van Lowe
. I'm wondering if maybe this isn't another Nom De Plum of a

company who just churned out piece after piece like Curtis Jere or Van Gaard (Lee Reynolds

Burr).  Makes me no nevermind. I love it just the same!


  1. Van Lowe sounds like a made up name to me - like Van Gaard. I haven't heard of Van Lowe but I do like the piece. Nice find!

  2. It's pretty! I like it. Good find.

  3. hey
    I was looking for an email to contact you...need some advice on repairing my mcm dining help..i can send in pictures of the table..thanks

  4. here is the link to pics...

  5. I just fund a couple from the same artist and was wondering if you've found out more since this originally posted?