Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dang, I Almost Forgot About The Second Estate Sale On Saturday! Can't Believe This Was All Still There! Status: $20? Sold!


Not too shabby a haul for one little sale!  Let's see...Five Dinner Plates (was a sixth but has a chip), a Platter and a Creamer all by Russel Wright / Stubenville for $20.  A cute little Porcelain Kitty Planter (?) for $1 (!).  A pair of Plastic "Skelgas" Advertising Salt and Pepper Shakers for $?? (dunno, they were for the Girlfriend).  And a Coctail Shaker with cut glass dots for $5.  Not...too...shabby.


What do you suppose this little guy is for? I can't imagine planting anything in that little space.

::shrugg:: It wouldn't matter if it was, I'd find a way to kill anything I planted in there anyway. Oh,

I got it! You're supposed to plant "Cat Tails" in there! Get it? Maybe I can find some fake ones.


Like I said, these are the Girlfriends. I'm kinda surprised that she liked these as they are

advertising pieces. She'll probably display them with their backs turned. I think she just likes the

shapes. I was pretty wiped out when we bought all this. I can't even remember how much they



This is a beautiful coctail shaker. It's got 16 half inch cut glass dots all around it. It looks a little

like Hazel Atlas Capri Dots glassware but that has raised dots, not incised. I looked around a

little but can't identify it off hand. Anybody?


Last but not least, the Russel Wright. Like I need more! It's threatening to elbow out any other

patterns in my china cabinet. Nothin' doin'. It ain't gonna happen. I'm soon going to thin the

Russel Wright herd. Up 'til now I've only had chartreuse dinner plates. I'm not enamored of

matchy match Russel Wright American Modern collections. I much prefer to mix up all those

beautiful colors! That, I believe, was as much the beauty of the collection as much as the

actual design shapes. And you $20? That's almost thrift store prices!


  1. The salt and peppers were $2.00, not to shabby!

  2. I switched early on to Iroquois Casual, because it is so much more durable than American Modern, and I use it every single day and run it through the dishwasher...but I do love the shapes of AM! I'm kinda a 3-color girl (ripe apricot, avocado yellow and lettuce, with an occasional piece of AM chartreuse thrown in), but I saw the absolute most fantastic multi-colored collection the other day. I plan to post about it soon.

    You got some great buys at that sale. I'm into cocktail shakers myself right now, and that looks like a really cool one.

  3. Yahtzee! I think that kitty is a candlestick holder.

  4. I love that cocktail shaker!! I have been looking for one in such good condition, every time I find them the lids are so worn and beat up.

  5. Hello I have a painted floor lamp that is about 5 feet tall that is signed with paint (Lee Reynolds) It also has a Bold engraved like stamp Embedded into the bottom bass part of the lamp that spells (GUARD). The lamp is made of some type of pottery and is very heavy . im sure its very old , Ive had it for about 8 years as it was my late mothers and I never did ask her about it befor she passed, but she had it since I can remember , does anyone no the origin of this giant lamp or what it might be worth? I have pictures but im not sure how to attach them