Sunday, June 26, 2011

Estate Sale Weekend! Yeah! Getting Up Early On The Weekend! Boo! Status: Eh, Picked Up A Few Goodies.


I've always wanted a cypress section table but just haven't run across the right (cheap) one yet. Actually my dreamy dream cypress table would have an aluminum tulip base and an amoebic semi fitted cut glass top! Until that day...


...this will have to get me by! Nice, right? There were lots of nice danish/retro sofas and chairs

at the estate sale this morning but I just couldn't pull the trigger on any of them. If the prices

would have been about a third lower I would have come home with a wagon full. I might go back

by tomorrow to see if they have any of the pieces I liked left. Dunno, it was pretty far away.


The lamp did not come with this stylish shade. I had this out in the garage. I was REALLY

hoping to be able to use one of my two tiered vintage shades but the harp on this lamp is too

tall and it's not an easily remove and replace type. Replacing it would require taking it all apart

and considerable time and effort. Ugh.


Just have to find a good place to ad it to the growing lamp collection.