Friday, June 3, 2011

Pretty Huh! No...Not The Pinup. The Frame! How Often Do You Run Across A Trio Of Harlequin Shaped Picture Frames? Status: Dragged Back From Florida.


I've been trying to find three great pics to display in these harlequin shaped walnut frames for a while now.  I thought about slipping in a couple of Pinups like what you see above but never got past the "trying it out" stage.  It's so hard to make a decision.  They are such great frames and there are so many cool things I could put into them.


These came with a set of pictures clipped from some sort of magazine, an AARP magazine I

think. The pictures are all of country landscapes but are oddly all in portrait form. Eh, not my

style. I didn't buy them for the pictures. But I just can't decide what I DO want to put in them!

The mats were originally a forest green color. I couldn't let that stand and painted them "matte"



I took them all apart and cleaned up the wood frames with Murphy Oil Soap and then gave

them a coat of the Feed N Wax. The glass is all cleaned up and ready to go as well.


That harlequin shape is just too sharp. I found these at a little thrift shop down in Fort Walton

Beach (near Destin) Florida. Yep, even on vacation I can't resist stopping at a thrift store! I've

had them for a long time too. Maybe three years! I think it's time to finally do something with


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  1. I really like those frames. The first thing I thought of when I saw them was the art done by a blogger who lives in Central or South America...but I can't remember his name. Argh!