Friday, May 13, 2011

Blooger (edit: Blooger? Blogger) F'ed Up...Just Came Back On Line, But Check Out These Pinecone Glasses! Status: Don't Know Where Yesterday's Post Is...Maybe It'll Come Back Up.


Gotta make this quick. Need to be at work soon. Woulda' posted this last night if Blogger had their sh*t together. So...check it out! Pine Cone glassware!

Picked these beauties up from the Salv. Army on Forest Park last weekend. The Girlfriend

goaded me into buying them. I was kinda on the fence. I'm glad I did. They look good.



These are daily use glasses. I highly doubt that I'll find any matching dishware so I'm not going

to "covet" these guys. They do look a little like Taylor Smith & Taylor Boutonniere so maybe

there is a dish pattern that goes with these. Anybody got any ideas.


Sorry if you folks were looking for this post this morning. I apologize (FOR BLOGGER!!!).

I hope it doesn't disappear like yesterday's Ice Tray post. ::shakes head::


  1. oh dear. i'm about to cry here at my desk at work. and i don't want to know what day you found those at the FPP Salvation Army (because it was probably one of those days i drove by and almost stopped...but didn't.).

    anyway, i have some of those glasses in all 3 sizes (baby juice glasses and med. and large drinking glasses) and they match my aqua fransican coronado dishes so well. is there annnnyyy possible way i could talk you into trading for an item in my shop (etsy: happygovintage )? (or selling them)?

  2. oohh..i know! how about trading for some atomic fish glasses (in teal)..i have some of those!

  3. Hi sabo_meenyo, I don't have a strong attachment to these thus far. I am interested in the fishy glasses but I checked out your Etsy store and the Girlfriend might be interested in the Vintage Monkey Pod Salt and Pepper Shakers! You can contact me via my Craigslist ad if you are indeed serious about trading.

    Thanks, Mr. M.

  4. so it's been awhile, but i just listed these in my shop:

    and would love to trade for the acorn ones, if you're still up for it!

    convo me on Etsy, if so! (seller: HappyGoVintage)