Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother Modtomic's Antique Mall Booth @ The St. Charles Antique Mall. Status: Look At All That Prettiness!


This is a pretty good representation of the Mom's style. She does some re-upholstery work and lots of slip covers. She takes on all sorts of painting projects and makes me feel like I'm so so lazy. I don't know how she does it.


The Mom is great at collecting items and creating lovely vignettes resembling a French flea

market. Her major inspiration is the older parts of New Orleans, which she also visits on a

regular basis much like yours truly.


Oh...and she also recovers Lamp Shades! I don't know of anything I'd like less to try to tackle

than a custom Lamp Shade. She just knocks them out though. These lamps aren't really

representative of her work. Some of her REALLY cool ones feature bark cloth much in the

same vein as seen in the boldly upholstered shabby chic chairs featured in this booth space.


She's got a great eye for items and knows how to set up a proper booth space. She has a

good mix of smalls and furniture that a buyer could actually see themselves carrying out and

fitting into their car. So many antique mall space proprietors just have no clue how to set their

space up. It's a pet peeve with me since I frequent antique malls quite often (went to two



So here's to Mom's on this finest day, Mother's Day! I hope all the Moms reading this had a

great day. I know my Mom will be reading this and just let me say this about that: Thanks Mom!

I Love You! Oh, and here's a pic of the sofa from the Salvation Army in it's proper environment.

We both spotted this (separately, by about a day) about the same time and both thought it

would look great in her little apartment.

Mom's New Sofa Landscape

Heheh...looks like turning her doesn't it! I mean, you know...if you got rid of all those pillows.

"They're down filled...they'll flatten under you", what ever. You can't hardly even SEE that cool

sofa! But for real, it's such a great comfortable high end sofa. Mom scores!


  1. Your mom does set up a beautiful booth. I agree that there's a real talent to it that most people don't possess.

  2. Is the Paris poster old or a repro? Is it for sale?