Monday, May 30, 2011

The Last Of The Three Big Items From Last Weekend. Like I Said, It Was A Good Estate Sale! Status: Spoken For


Yep, this little beauty is already spoken for. Scheduling difficulties have prevented the passing of the table but I think by the end of next week I will see it no more.


This little danish style lamp table also got the Feed N Wax treatment but since I had already

done a before and after on two other tables I thought I could forgo the before this time. It wasn't

a dramatic change anyway. The finish on this table was pretty nice to begin with. The former

owners of the two tables, chair, swag lamp and the dining set I didn't buy obviously had some

pretty good taste and took pretty good care of their belongings. The more I think about that

sale, the more I realize what a score I made there!


They had displayed a TV and VCR on top of this table at the sale and down on the bottom they

had used the cross braces to hold VHS (remember VHS?) tapes. I guess they are there to hold

magazines or books lying flat. ::shrugg:: Not sure. There was one more table like this but it only

had two cross braces on the bottom and they were a little loose. I already had a pretty full car. I

probably could have squeezed it in but I didn't really want to mess with repair work too. Plus, I

had to leave something for someone else!


  1. Lucky buyer...That's a sweet little table.

  2. beautiful table..cant help staring at the legs

  3. That is a beautiful table. But what I want to know about is that lamp sitting on it: what is it? Love the sleek look.

  4. genxv - The lamp is available on my craigslist ad. Click the link at the upper right corner of any page here on my blog to get to my ads. Not much to tell about the lamp. It's walnut and brass and in good shape.