Monday, May 23, 2011

Was Out In The Garage Lookin' For The Girlfriends Graduation Gown (Teacher) When I Bumped Into These Guys! Status: Lighting Up My Life.


Actually, they ain't lighting up my life at all. I love them to death...but what to do with them? I can't really thing of a good place for them. I'm thinking about the laundry room but I hate the idea of hiding them away in there.


I got these both from an estate sale last year. You know, I don't know where they had them

mounted as they were loose when I picked them up. Where do / did people usually mount

these? I could see perhaps in the den above the desk, but we don't have a setup like that. The

Girlfriends desk pushes up against the back of a sofa so that she can see the TV and I have

my "desk" setup at the kitchen table...for the same reason. Plus it's close to the fridge.


The silver aluminum one above had a slightly beat up mount. It had seen better days. I took

it apart and since the aluminum is a soft metal, was able to use the back end of a screwdriver

handle to push out the dented area. Then I used a little Goof Off to clean it up. The bullet

shaped cones are in great shape. Amazing, considering they are made of the same soft

aluminum. I might just make these available since I don't have a plan for them.






  1. These double lights were often mounted above the headboard of the bed, so each person had a reading light. Of course, that was back in the day of the double bed. I doubt these would shed light over a wide enough area for a king size bed.

  2. I can tell you where people also would mount them: My parents bought the house that they live in right now in 1971. They have those EXACT silver bullets aimed towards the fire place (down stairs) and my brother put 2 sets like that in his bedroom in each corner of the room.

  3. i have seen similar lamps as night/bedside lamps//they look wonderful

  4. Dana - Unfortunately, our bed emerges from the corner of the room so I couldn't mount it to the wall there.

    Anony - Hmmmm...maybe I could mount one on the ceiling and point them toward the art on the fireplace and the adjacent wall!

    Sudha - I could "hack" one and make two bedside lights!

    Thanks for the feedback everybody! Now I got some ideas running around my brains.