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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Phones Suck At Taking Photos...Who Knew? But Sometimes A Mister's Got To Do What A Mister's Got To Do. Status: Witco - Booth 28


I was at The Green Shag a few days ago delivering something or another to my booth but somehow failed to bring the Real camera.  And then I saw this: a quite large Witco sailing ship art piece.  Pics were being taken...proper camera or no.


Wouldn't it be great to find a repository or online catalog of all the Witco wooden art pieces?  I keep

finding new ones that I've never seen before.  I guess it wouldn't be as much fun already knowing what

was out there waiting for me.  This one's out there at The Green Shag Market - Booth 28 - waiting

for you.


The vendor keeps the joint sparse but they've always got some nice stuff available.  I won't pretend

to understand how one can justify paying rent on a booth, leaving so much potential untapped.  At

least they've got good taste!


I really have to apologize for the low quality of these pics.  They really don't do the items justice.  I wish

I had a tripod for my phone.  A really light, hi-tech one.  Then that nice brass chandelier wouldn't be all

blurry.  Somehow the swag lamp and artwork in the the next photo turned out ok.


I think that covered dish goes with Salem Biscayne dinnerware, but I wouldn't swear to it.  Those two

Formica TV trays are so retro and cool.  The Russel Wright pitcher is an Oneida repro but it's nice and

on a shelf you can't really tell a difference.


  1. I love the Witco ship. I agree with you about needing an online repository of Witco goodness. Maybe I'll start a Pinterest board...

  2. Type in Witco wood pieces and go to images you'll see other wood ships too.