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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Late Again. I'm Gonna Get Fired. Yesterday's Thrifty Finds. Picked Up Some Nice Vintage Goodies For Booth 5 GSM. Status: Better Late Than Never!


We went out for breakfast yesterday and came home with a couple sweet finds.  And some savory finds too.  Bowls, shaker bottles and a couple berry bowls.  Nice little haul.


I just moved one of these at the booth in The Green Shag Market so when I found this one it was a no

brainer to snatch it up.  It's a little scratched up and I might get around to shooting it with a couple coats

of white before I drop it off at the antique mall but it's in otherwise good shape.


These little berry bowls kind of remind me of Paul McCobb dishes but I think that they'd be signed

on the bottom if they were.  Funny thing about what IS on the bottom.  They aren't all the same! 

There are both Sterling and Buffalo china in this collection of four!  Weird.


The Girlfriend spotted these.  Weird, since she ain't much of a cook.  But she's obviously got a good

eye for smalls!  I'm sure there were probably more to this set, but six is a good number.  Some even

still have the shaker tops under the black caps! 


The lot looks nice all together like this don't it!  Wouldn't it look great in your little vintage kitchen?  It's

not at The Green Shag just yet but will be soon.  Still, there's lot of other stuff there like this if you just

can't wait!  But don't hem and haw, stuff gets snatched up quick sometimes!

1 comment:

  1. Great finds! I've been wanting some of those shakers for a while. And the shelf! Awesome.