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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hello Kitty! I've Found A Couple Cool '60s Items Lately: A Kitty, A Tiki And Some Vase Art. Status: Neat Stuff.


This little stray rescue came home from the Value Village a few days ago.  Don't ya sometimes feel like that's what you're doing?  Rescuing the lost strays?  I know I'm always busy cleaning 'em up and trying to find 'em new homes!


Well most of them anyway.  This CoCo Joe's napkin holder was found at The Green Shag Market

on Sunday when I took Pop-tomic (Mr. Modtomic's Dad) in for a tour.  It's embarrassing how few

items I actually buy at antique malls these days.  Once you're a vendor, buying from other vendors

feels kinda weird!  But Mr. Modtomic loves him some CoCo Joe's and so I wasn't about to leave

this tasty piece behind!  It get added to the collection.


I've had this set of four decorative vases for a while.  They were terribly warped when I got them so I

put them out in the Sun on the patio table and let the heat over the summer (remember all that HEAT!?)

straighten them back out.  They aren't perfectly flat but they are So Much flatter than they were.  But

now...because I let them sit out in the weather...the finish is, well...finished.  I gotta repaint them.  But

still, pretty cool huh!

1 comment:

  1. Mmmm...that napkin holder is nice!!! It would look sweet next to my salt & pepper shakers. Do you do long-distance sales, ever?