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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Not Much Going On Christmas Day. Not Like I'm Heading Out To The Thrifts Or Anything. Well, I Did Go To The Movies - The Hobbit. So It's Just Some Smalls Today. Status: Shrugg.


Yeah, haven't picked up much the last couple days.  Found this lot last weekend but only just now got around to photographing it.  Tiki mugs and Silver Foliage serving pieces.  Goes together like...beets and...gravy.  But somehow it all seems to work.


I found this nice little matched sugar and creamer Silver Foliage set at the Goodwill.  I looked all over

for some more pieces, glassware or some sort of holder for these, but came up empty handed.  Well,

not totally empty handed, I mean I did get these!  I probably used to see this pattern all the time before

I started actually buying it, but now I seem to find a couple pieces of it every weekend or so!


The Girlfriend and I were at the south county Value Village she found some cute shoes and I found a pair

of monkey pod Tiki mugs.  I already had a third waiting for the pair at home.  Now it's got some company!

I can't quite tell from the facial expression if they are happy or sad to see each other.

1 comment:

  1. Here's something that will cheer you up with its gold sunburst beauty! As a somewhat late Merry XMas drool, check out this Drexel Profile K48 table set in the Dallas area.....*covet*....