Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Green Shag Parking Lot Sale Was (IMHO) A Success...AND I Was Good, Mostly! But The Dishes, They Was A Callin' My Name. Status: "Against Which, No Can Defend" - Mr. Miyagi


This was it.  This was ALL I purchased at the (what I'm hoping will be just the first) Green Shag Parking Lot Sale.  Success (ish)!  C'mon, I was there to SELL, not Buy!  But Rocket Century...those bastards...they had my number....and that number was M - C - C - O - B - B and T - E - M - P - O - R - A - M - A.  What?  Oh, yeah...not numbers.  Sorry 'bout that.

Yeah, it was only a couple of pieces...but $2?  How was this still sitting on the table when I finally

caved?!  I'm starting to put together a real collection of this pattern.  Let's see, I've got a nice

serving platter that I picked up last year on our vacation
near the Wigwam Village motel.  I picked

up a couple more pieces down in Cuba Mo. at an antique mall down there for a pretty good price.


So now I've got a decent "starter" set of three dinner plates, three desert plates, two teacups and

a chop / serving plate.  It's getting there.  This stuff just don't pop up at the thrift stores like some

other patterns.  It's a bit harder to come by.


Speaking of hard to come by, this Jackson China, Paul McCobb pattern is tough to find even on

 eBay!  I poked around there hoping to get an idea how much it's gonna hurt scrounging for other

pieces to work on completing this set.  That's some real pie in the sky thinking there but who

knows.  Maybe somebody 'round here has a couple of random pieces and could use maybe some

Russel Wright / Steubenville or perhaps some Franciscan Starburst!


$30 for this lot.  See what I mean about Rocket Century!  They might have some pricey stuff on

the web but when they sell at an event like the Green Shag Parking Lot sale and their own lot sales

(one is coming up soon!) they price stuff to MOVE!  Dave (of Dave's Mid Century Stuff) cleaned

them out of lots of danish and mid century furniture last time they had a sale.  Don't let somebody

beat you to all the good stuff at the next sale!


  1. Love the Paul McCobb pieces! The starbursts are spectacular. Great scores, Mr. M!

    1. Hi Hunting T. I grabbed this lot up well after the majority of buyers had come and gone! Maybe folks just don't know!

  2. Oh my gosh the starbursts! That is my pattern. So jealous. It is super hard to find. Never seen the egg cups before. Nice score.

    1. Hi Beccalina. Where ya been? You dropped off the map after the beer run! Bad hangover? Is that what the small cups are? I thought they were juice tumblers.

    2. Hey! Yeah I have been working like a mad person....but I'm back! :) Maybe they are tumblers, a little hard to see the scale.

  3. Wow! I put together a service for eight of Temporama over about two years. Even have the coffee pot, butter dish and s/p shakers. And you only paid $2 for 4 pieces!!!!! Jealous, I am!
    Never saw the McCobb starburst pattern before, loving it!

    1. Hi Kat. The Temporama will be slow going I'm sure, but it should be a steady acquisition. I have a feeling that the McCobb will be SERIOUSLY slow going and give me headaches!