Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More Great Vintage Signage Around The Lake George NY Area. The Vintage Neon Is Hanging On 'Round Here! Status: Support Your Local Neon!


Happily, the Lake George NY area hasn't yet been re-developed so much that all the little "Mom & Pop" hotels and motels have been bought up for the real estate and turned into Holiday Inn's!  Sadly the balance may be shifted slightly the other direction and many of the small joints probably can't maintain the expensive neon signage.  What's left is beautiful and highly appreciated by some of us!


We spotted the Blue Moon Motel just north of the "strip" on our way to Wild Waters to go on

our white water rafting trip.  I wish I had the time to poke inside EVERY ONE of these places

to give you a better heads up on what to expect inside but alas, I'm actually here for fun.  I know!

Hard to believe!  It would be cool if finding these places and doing reviews of them were able to

pay my bills though.  That would be an awesome job!


Even without looking inside though, this place looks like a safe bet.  There are families here as

you can see.  Most folks won't subject their families to a sketchy joint.  The place looks very

clean from the outside too.  No idea about room rates.  I'm sure a quick Google search would

help ya out there.  Nice Pool!  And that great neon sign.  That's amazing.  Apparently there

was a freak hail storm here recently.  I'm surprised there weren't more neon signs that were



Ready to can that corporate job and open a Bed and Breakfast?  Maybe this is what you are

looking for and didn't even know it!  I don't know if it's "Turn Key" but obviously it was already

a working B&B.  This is just a few miles from Lake George in Warrensburg NY.  I gotta

say, I love old chippy paint broken down neon signs like this almost as much as well kept,

functional units!  Rusty pieces like this really speak to how long they've been around.  This ain't

no reproduction folks!


This place - The Mohecan Motel - is right down the street from where we are staying.  It's got a

fabulously politically incorrect sign!  I love it anyway.  There are a number of similar motel names

and signs in Cherokee North Carolina...but that was on Native American land.  That's a little

different.  At least to me.  I don't mind at all, but I could see were some folks might be offended.

Still, that's some beautiful neon signage!  The motel itself also looks pretty nice!  I can't image

that the rooms would be a disappointment to anybody but the most discriminating guest. Oh, and

did ya see the plastic and iron "hoop chairs"?  I'm telling ya, they are EVERYWHERE around

Lake George!  I'm calling them the "New Lake George Adirondack Chair"!

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  1. So glad you had a swell time in Lake George - and small world - my sister just informed me that she and her fam are heading up there on Sunday. I posted a link to your site on my Retro Roadmap Writeup of what cool vintage stuff they should check out while they're there. Maybe she'll want to open that B&B.

    Dream job going around checking out cool old places and reporting on 'em? HELLO, Retro Roadmap calling - just wish it was a paying gig, but I'm working on it! :-)

    Love those "Hoop" Chairs BTW, and am always on the lookout for one for the front of the Hacienda. While they do make repros they're incredibly expensive- folks better not swipe 'em from LG or I'll be peeved beyond belief!