Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Did YOU Happen To Make It To The Rocket Century / Swank - A - Rama Lot Sale On The South Side Last Saturday? I Did! Status: Too Good To Pass Up!


We were supposed to be long gone Saturday morning...on the road to Lake George (upstate) New York. I've been longing to see the Grand Camps in the Adirondacks since seeing a special about them on PBS. Plus I'm hoping Lake George will be every bit the time capsule of family vacation fun that I've built it up in my mind to be!


But (luckily!) we had a little delay getting on the road. So even though I had planned to miss this

sale...I still managed to drop by, and if for some strange reason you failed to get down to the rad

"flea market" style sale at Rocket Century I'm here to let ya in on what ya missed! I know, I know

- You're's the least I could do!


There was a great mix of smalls and large items at the sale.  Maybe even better than at the

Green Shag Parking Lot sale!  I really wish I had been able to set up a booth myself!  It was a

 little warm and getting warmer but everybody seemed to be doing good and having fun!  I

know I was!


These folks above restore vintage refrigerators.  I should have gotten more information from

them but I failed.  They had lots of cool stuff though. I am so smitten with the china cabinet and

buffet.  The retro bedroom set is pretty cool too.  I hope they didn't have to load too much of

this back up at the end of the day.  Loading back up in the heat after a long day of selling ain't



Here we go!  I've got a little bit of a thing for vintage stereo gear.  This guy was keeping

everybody happy by playing some great classic tunes all day!  Wow, just check out those

amazing looking receivers.  He had a killer set of speakers available too that had glass tops,

too.  Don't forget the Heywood Wakefield drop leaf dining table.  It's almost easy to miss with

all the cool sound gear there.


Dan and Nathan from ModernStL were out selling in the hot sun.  Doing pretty good I think too. 

I purchased the white repro. Eames shell armchairs from Dan and I know he sold at least one of

those two Broyhill Brasilia lamp tables.  If you know anything at all about me you know Dan must

have been Giving this stuff away if I bought something!


Maureen (who comments here often) had her spot here again.  She was also set up at the Green

Shag Lot sale but I failed to get good picks of her wares at that sale.  Not this time!  I would not

be doing you the same disservice this time!  Go ahead, have a look around.  She's got a great eye

for that Restoration Hardware style.


See that Umanoff counter height stool? There were three of them when I first arrived! Somebody

made off with a pair of them. That's the first time I've ever even SEEN counter height Umanoff

stools! That little drop leaf formica table was pretty cool too.  Hey, is that a Drexel Profile lamp? 

Have you EVER seen a Drexel Profile table lamp before?  Not this guy!  Cool stuff all around this

joint.  If ya couldn't make it to the sale, there will probably be more sales like this in the future

because they seem to be doing pretty good.  Let's hope!  And maybe next time I won't be

planning on being out of town during the sale and be able to set up too!


  1. Man, there look like they set up quite a bit more stuff after I left. Shoulda made a return trip after I dropped off the dining set!

    1. Hi Nick. I just looked at the pics over on your blog and realized how much cool stuff HAD been snatched up before I got there! You darned early birds! I'm just lucky your van was full!

  2. We got there a little after 7 and didn't stay long. So many people were still unpacking, though, and the lady with the drop sides formica table was JUST having that delivered when we were getting in our vehicles. She had mega cheap prices, too!!

    Do you see the other person selling the men's valet? They wanted $60. She had one that looked almost identical to that one, except it had seat storage and Danish wooden legs, and IMO, was better and cooler looking, and we bought it for $10!!! She kept lowering the price every time we spoke to her. :D

    I loved those shell chairs, I even mentioned the tulip table on c-list for $80 to Sean, but since we already have a kitchen table with chairs we had to pass. They were a great deal!!

    1. Hi Anony. Pshhhh...ggood thing I didn't set up...I probably woudn't have even GOTTEN there by the time you were done! Sounds like you got a steal on the Valet! I love when people just want stuff gone. Nick (above) is the person selling the tulip table on craigslist!

  3. Aw man so much great stuff! I have been looking for that drop leave HW table for awhile too! I wished I lived even remotely close. Sadness.

    1. Hi Beccalina. That is a seriously cool Hey Wake dining table. I forgot to look for a price. I think it was in pretty nice shape. You just gotta find yourself a good "reason" (excuse) to come on up here and get some of these deals!

  4. That was a great little sale! I hope they do it every other month or so. That would be great. I didn't buy anything but I almost bought a lamp from the guy you bought those chairs from. I knew I didn't have a place for it though so I passed.

    I saw you inside taking pictures but I wasn't sure if you'd remember me from the Green Shag sale or not so I didn't say anything.

    1. Hi Nick. It would have taken me a moment but I'm sure I would have recognized ya. It was still an early morning for me...I don't operate on all cylinders before noon. Passing on the great deals Dan had? You are a stronger man than I am!

  5. Hey Mr Mod, thanks for the nice shout out. You got a lot of great shots of everyone's goods. And for a smaller sale, there was a good selection of items. I am really lovin' these parking lot sales. I hope Green Shag or Rocket Century can do at least one more this summer/fall. And Dan and Nathan from Modern STL are planning a sale in Sept. So, there's another one to look for. Glad you had time to stop and chat, nice talking to you in person. Hope your trip is going well.

    1. Hi Maureen. (Secondhand) Hannah has contacted me about possibly putting one on in cooperation with The Tin Can on Morganford near Tower Grove park and my friend Toni wants to try and do a couple on the north side near Lindbergh and McDonnell Blvd. Toni has access to a HUGE indoor warehouse type space that, while not air conditioned, is completely Shaded! Sounds good, right! We'll see if we can get it all arranged.

  6. Thank for such great coverage of this fun sale. We had a blast too and everyone were such troopers in the heat. I'm glad you got so many pics of everyone outside, because I didn't have as many. Hope your trip was fun!

    1. Hi RC. The trip was super! As was the Swank-A-Ramma sale. Can't wait for the next one!