Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Check Out The Rest Of Sunday's Broyhill Emphasis Spoils. Note The Bright Sunny Pics. It Was Hot. Status: Worth The Effort!


This is the other "half" of the big Emphasis dining set that Nick of Mid Century Mid West and I picked up Sunday afternoon.  Luckily Nick has a nice size van and was able to haul the lion's share of the pickings back to his joint.  We're both kinda over loaded at the moment!  Soooooo...anybody looking for a nice Broyhill dining set?

I'll be heading out of town on our big summer time roadtrip soon (don't worry, I'll be taking

you along this time!), so Nick and I will probably be sitting on this setup until I get back...unless

we piece it out. We haven't really ironed out the details just yet. This was one of those can't pass

up deals that we just jumped on and figured we'd work it all out later. In any case, this beautiful

large Buffet is basically a larger version of the base of the china cabinet! Plenty of space to store

all your fine serving pieces in style. Or if you're into re-purposing...it'd be great to set your big ol'

flat panel TV on top of and store all your Blue Rays, DVDs and VHS tapes (you know you still

got 'em).


It only occurs to me now that there wasn't a set of leaves with this dining table. I can't remember

that last time I bought a Broyhill dining table with out at least ONE leaf! No biggie. If you're

thinking about picking this set up from us and need a leaf I'm sure one of my many Brasilia leaves

will fit. You're covered. There are some minor finish issues that we'll probably work on before we

let the set go. They aren't as noticeable as I've made them out to be in the pics above. I worked

the angles to get a good view of them to make them stand out. I think a little Restore-A-Finish

will take care of most of the tables issues.


The chairs are in especially good condition...except for one big ol' scratch on one of them.

Otherwise, they are utterly wobble free! And while the upholstery isn't exactly exciting...it is in

excellent condition...and easily replaceable. It took me about two hours to recover each of my

Brasilia chairs
but I REALLY took my time and tried to make them look as good as I could.  I'm

pretty picky about my upholstery.  I'm kinda wondering what lurks under the upholstery that's on

these!  I'll have Nick take a look.  Maybe there is original upholstery in good shape under there!


  1. That's one good lookin' set! I have my doubts that Howards is going to take care of that table top though. Looks like a good candidate to be stripped, restained and a nice new coat of lacquer! Would likely be worth the extra effort.

    1. Hi A Mod. The Howard's may be a moot point. We may already have the set sold!

  2. You find some amazing stuff my man. Wish I had that crystal ball you must me using.lol!
    Quick question about your Craigslist adds. I too sell on C.L. but have not been able to figure out how in the world you get so many products in their own section of a single add. IE- http://stlouis.craigslist.org/fuo/3073341292.html
    This newbie would love some advice from a Jedi master like your self. :)

    1. Hi MCHNCL. Find the search bar at the top left on the blog. Put "ad like mine" in there and hit enter. That should help ya out. If you need any more details shoot me an e-mail.

    2. Thanks so much! Will be updating mine tonight!
      You rock!