Monday, June 25, 2012

More Fun Stuff From Treasure Aisle Antique Mall. This Place (Almost) Always Delivers! Status: Nice Selection.


I can't remember the price on this set of Butterfly Chairs but it wasn't quite the crazy bargain that I scored a couple months back at the South County Antique Mall, but just FINDING these in usable shape is tough so it was cool see a pair of them here on Big Bend.




All of this great stuff is from one booth space in Treasure Aisle Antique mall.  I met the seller a

few weeks ago when he was rearranging his wares and moving some stuff to another booth in

the mall but I can't remember his name.  We've run into each other here and there before and

he's a nice fella.  He's definitely got my taste in stuff nailed!  Lighted Globes, Vintage Modern

Credenza, Butterfly Chairs, Tiki Mugs...I could go on but you can see for yourself!  It almost

looks like I filled this booth!


Of course there's no reason to limit your hunting and gathering to just one boothspace!  There's

plenty of booths that have a little Vintage Modern sprinkled in among the standard antique mall

fare.  This is one of the reasons I love the antique malls around here.  Many of the sellers of the

more common antique mall wares have no love for the Vintage Modern items but will still stick

them in their space if they happen to get them.  They just want to make a buck off of the items

and aren't concerned with top dollar it seems and just want the space back to sell the stuff they

love.  Works out good for everybody!  But you DO have to work a little harder for those deals.


Of course that doesn't mean that every cool Vintage Modern piece you suss out of an otherwise

very Victorian looking booth is going to be a steal!  Value is value and lots of sellers know it! 

Some are so eclectic that pinning down their style is impossible and they seem just know a little

something about everything.   I'm far too focused for that!  And for real, pricing a lot of this stuff

is a game of guesswork mixed with a little research.


  1. Drool....I want those butterfly chairs. ::Sigh:: I have been looking for a pair for a while. I keep telling myself, if I thrift it will come.

    1. Hi Beccalina. A few years ago I drove to Chicago to buy a pair of butterfly chairs for a hundred bucks! I'm a little less crazy these days. You'll find yours. Keep lookin!

  2. The seller of that booth was also at the Vandeventer Vintage auction a few weeks ago, and we ran into him at Target where he recognized us from the sale.

    His nickname / what everyone calls him is Anchovy and he's really nice! He told us he also has been selling on ebay for years, and is really interested in old toys.

    1. Hi Rachel. Isn't St. Louis such a small town? I run onto other buyers and sellers all the time! And yes, Anchovy seems like a really nice fella. I talked with him briefly at Treasure Aisle a while back.