Sunday, June 3, 2012

Oh Lord...THAT Was A Long Day! I Am Beat! The First Green Shag Parking Lot Sale Is In The Books. Did Ya Go? If Not, I Got Pics For Ya! Status: Happy


After packing up the leftovers and hitting the Tin Can on the south side for a bite, this glorious sunset bade the Modtomic crew home. Home...nap...shower....Tylenol. Yes, please.


Our spread. Glorious in it's hugeness, don't ya think? This started off as a reservation for two

"spots" which are basically parking spaces. Then I got excited and thought I might be able to fill

three and the "rent" wasn't bad so I popped for a third. Then I got my booth space and

consequently the lot space price dropped by a quarter...meaning I could have yet another space

or a little refund.


Well, Illuminate FINALLY committed to bringing some stuff to sell so I took the extra outside

space. Oh, and funny story about Illuminate and her loot. She picked up these sorta retro tweed

swivel rocker arm chairs at an estate sale some time ago. She had asked me about them

ostensibly because I'm the "expert" and I kinda curled my lip and turned my head in derision.


I told her that they weren't much and that I didn't think she'd be able to do much with them as

they don't seem to be in high demand by anybody. Guess what. Everybody wanted them! One

got snatched right away though the buyer didn't take it with them and then EVERYBODY who

walked through our space stopped and tried them out! They were the sale's big hit!


Of course, after selling the one of the matched set, four or five buyers only wanted to buy the set

complete and the second rocker sat forlorn until almost the end of the day. Then it too found a

happy new home! Lesson: What do I know?!  Tomorrow I'll show ya some pics of the rest of the

vendors and let you know how the Mr. did.  Right now...I gotta get some much needed rest!


  1. I was worried about taking the one chair back home, glad it found a home! I had a great time!

    1. Hi Illuminate. That was kind of funny! But we both learned a little somethin' from that bit of stress, yes?

  2. Oh my, look at all that mid century wonderful-ness. Jealous!

    1. Hi Rhan. Good to hear from you again! Where ya been?