Monday, June 18, 2012

This Was Sold To Me As A Scoop Chair...And That's What I Still Believe It To Be, But Somebody At The Green Shag Lot Sale Mentioned "Really Big Salad Bowl". Status: Not THAT Hungry!


No...I'm pretty certain that it's a chair.  It was purchased without any cushions and completely "untested" (I didn't bother to sit in it).  After I did try it out it became clear that the chair would certainly need some sort of cushioning.  Chrome and "Lucite".  Pretty cool, huh!

I's not Lucite.  It's some sort of clear vinyl, I think.  The same material you see the seat

backs of some '70s Chromcraft dining chairs made of only in a smoke color.  It's a little softer

than Lucite, but just like's a magnet for little scratches and rubs.  This half orb, space

age lounge chair has it's fair share of those...but I couldn't NOT buy it!  It's just!


The base is chrome plated steel and in pretty fine shape!  It was (as is usually the case when

buying off craigslist) pretty filthy when I picked it up.  Maybe the thick layer of...whatever helped

to keep the chrome in good shape.  After cleaning it up there was nothing but a mirror finish

underneath!  This hasn't been That mistreated.


I had this available at the Green Shag Parking Lot Sale a few weeks ago and EVERYBODY

loved it.  Most were a little skeptical as to whether or not it could be even sat in.  Unfortunately

I only had one teeny little cheetah print pillow in it and it just ain't comfortalble without some

cushions.  I tossed the orange set I had laying around here in it and WOW, that really works and

the chair is actually comfortable!


I had planned on leaving this behind at the Green Shag Market antique mall in my Booth space

but it was just such a long day and I was concentrating on the path of least resistance to get

home. Now the Booth 44 is too full of stuff to fit it in! I'll be mixing up the stock in the booth

space pretty often, so it'll be in there soon and if it doesn't sell after a couple weeks I'll probably

pull it and put it on my craigslist ads and then maybe cycle it back in another time. The staff at

the Green Shag are gonna so get sick of seeing me in there all the time!


  1. It does look space aged. I'm afraid at my age too much of me would fall between the spaces!

    1. Hi HelenHartman. Whatever! You just afraid that if you dropped this in your joint people would start mistaking you for Jane Fonda in Barbarella!

  2. I'd guess you're right about the salad bowl deal. Those cushions don't look too bad in this and it's probably not worth the money to have some custom made, but if I was to pick this I'd likely do just that! It would be nice to find an easy way to clean up or buff out both this and some of the scatched lucite pieces...

    1. An easy fix for plastic/lucite with hazing and light scratches is at most auto parts stores, it's a product for buffing/polishing plastic headlight pods that all newer cars have.

    2. Hi A Mod and David. I'll find some new cushions in roughly the same size and shape to use in this. I'm just happy to know that it's actually comfortable with them! And David, Excellent Idea! I'll try that out and report back.

  3. Looks slightly like a more space aged version of a papason chair.

    1. Hi Susie. Exactly! It's a Space Mod Papason chair!

  4. I love the chair. Looks like it is very comfortable to have that in my house.

    1. Hi Broome tour. I'm glad you like! It could be yours!

  5. Wow, waaaaay cool. So space age! Hey, that would be an appropriate salad bowl for me, just sayin'! ;D

    1. Hi Rhan. Maybe if it full of a big Greek salad with lots of Feta, Olives, Pine Nuts and maybe throw in some roast chopped chicken breast!