Friday, April 15, 2011

Vintage Steel Kitchen Cabinet / Hairpin Legs Hack. All The Ingredients Are Here...Just Lookin' For Some Time To Mix 'Em Together. Status: Part One?


I picked up these steel upper cabinets from the Habitat For Humanity ReStore a few weeks ago. Upon first perusal I didn't think much about them...then, well...

Something clicked in the creative part of my brain that doesn't usually work so well when I'm

actually in front of great raw materials. It's the same part of my brain that doesn't seem to work

when I'm in a great record store and can't think of a single Album to look for. ::grrrrr:: It

occurred to me that with a set of legs on each, these cabinets would make great Nightstands!



They are just the right size to make great nightstands. Plus they have that clean mod Kartel

look to them. I remembered that I had a set of 8 matching hairpin legs attached to chair seats

just sitting in the garage! Ah Ha! The plan was so just might work!


::sigh:: But was not meant to be. The combination just looked goofy! The hairpin legs

were just WAY too tall. To make a set of nightstands I think I'd need a set only about 4 inches

high. I could get a set of short tapered wood legs from True Value Hardware, stain 'em and

attach them to the bottoms. But then I came up with yet another idea. I also have a set of

shorter, but not 4 inch short, hairpin legs that have been laying around waiting for a project. I'm

thinking I could attach the two cabinets side to side and use the four shorter legs to support the

set. This would make a great flat panel TV stand!



What do you think of the "Plan"? Any other bright ideas for the use of the cabinets? They

measure 21" Wide X 18" Tall X 12" Deep (11" depth inside the cabinets).


  1. Really- Nice blog of steel kitchen cabinet,chair seat and tv stand these all cabinet useful for me.Wooden Cabinets

  2. I think it's genius! LOVE those hairpin legs - and the idea of a TV cabinet instead of end tables shows your brain is working just fine.

    I am laughing, though I because I suffer the same phenomenon when I'm in a record store. I actually have started keeping a little notebook on me with lists of books/records I want in case of that scenario, because it happens too often.

    Great score on the cabinets, you make me want to go check out my local Restore!

  3. Great idea on the tv stand. I could see mounting these onto a piece of plywood, etc. add casters and use outside in a grill area for outdoor entertaining items. These cabinets have lots of possibilities.

  4. Casters was my thought too. Lots of sizes for different uses.

  5. I need more hairpin ideas. I have 3 sets of various lenths just waiting for the next project! I think I want to make a new tv stand for the den next..