Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Rubbed Them....Both....No Genie. ::sigh:: I Guess You Have To Be An Astronaut. Status: Still Pretty Cool Lamps - Available.


One of the advantages of authoring this daily blog is that it kicks my but and makes me take pics of stuff that I've been meaning to make available on my craigslist ads. It's a Two Birds...One Stone thing. What is it with birds and idioms? "Two Birds, One Stone...A Bird In The Hand, Two In The Bush"? ::shrugg:: That's a question for a different blog.

This blog is about...well...I still don't know what it's "about", but I'm here to feature cool mid

twentieth century whatnot and ephemera! So check out these amazingly beautiful Genie



Nice right?! The "funny" story is: I didn't buy these as a pair! I bought the first one from

Hannah. I needed some chairs to pair with desks and when I went to buy some from her via a

craigslist ad she had placed, she also had a bunch of lampshades (which I also needed

and bought!) and one of these two lamps. I can't recall off hand which.


The other one I found maybe a month later at the Value Village Thrift store on Lindbergh here

in Florissant. Weird! They are such a great match. I wish I had a matched set of lampshades. If

I did, I might just keep them. But alas, I am making them available on my ads. The pictured

shade can be had with either one of them but I only have the one shade. It's perfect with either

the lamp.


The lamps aren't perfect but can be displayed to show their best sides. There are some flaws

in the wood neck on both. No biggie. Most folk wouldn't even notice.



  1. I love those lamps. You must have had good lamp karma that week. It's pretty interesting that you acquired both of them in a week and they look like...well...almost identical twins. Let me know when you are ready to start shipping and I'll be a regular buyer :)

  2. I have a lamp very much like the one on the left. I love the texture.

  3. Is the blue one still available?

  4. It me via my craigslist ad (look at the top right of the page).