Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not Mint In Box, But Having The Original Packaging Is Still Pretty Cool! Pyrex Coffee Carafe And Candle Warmer. Status: More Stuff On The Shelf.


It is Nearly Mint! It has been used (melted candle in warmer!) but it's still so clean! It might not have ever been actually used. Maybe the previous owner just used the candle one night when the power went out?


You know, I can't imagine actually using this for it's intended purpose...but wouldn't it be nice to

have a Big Carafe of warm tea on one of those days you stay home from work sick!  This would

last all day.  Mmmmm...maybe I'll play hookie just to try it out.


I wish I would have had more time this morning to take a pic or two with it full of a dark liquid so

as to show off the gold and white pattern better.  It's a great design.  It kinda reminds me of

Christmas tree decorations.


Finding this with it's original packaging was a windfall but that also meant that it had both the

original lid AND it's original stand / warmer.  The lines of the handle are echoed in the legs of

the stand.  So very atomic age modern looking.  Anybody up for a cuppa joe?


  1. why do i love carafes so much?? great find!!!

  2. I love carafes too. There were so many cool designs "back in the day". How awesome to find it with the original box.