Thursday, April 28, 2011

Christmas In July...O...K....It's Not July And Uhm This Isn't Really A Christmas Tree. Status: It's a NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS Tree!


Bwaaahaahaahaahaahaa! That's the best spooky laugh I've got. I felt so discouraged that I wasn't able to get this bad boy all decked out for the Nightmare Before Christmas party last year. I couldn't find the decorations! I still don't know where they are. But...I found the pics of the tree I took from the year before. Yeah!


Yup, this is bare sad lil' thing is what passed for our Christmas Tree last season. Ugh. I would

have been upset had I not gotten a little drunk while putting it together...and then had a great

party afterward


This what it was supposed to look like. Not your average Christmas Tree. It's hard to find

decorations that fit the theme of Christmas / Halloween. Luckily the Girlfriend LOVES this and

has a pretty good eye for things that cross over. Another great thing is that we can wait until

the day after Halloween to go buy stuff super cheap!





I wish we had more actual Nightmare character ornaments but they can be so pricey. The ones

we do have are gifts from friends. I did manage to find a "Jack" mask at a thrift store and it

came out at the party,
but wow was it hot...and hard to keep drinking in. You gotta have



  1. I love mid century x-mas trees. Yours is awesome. I'd love to find one someday. I'm loving your Nightmare Before Christmas theme! I love shopping the day after Halloween too - my favorite holiday!!