Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mmmm...Don't You Just Need A Crackling Romantic Fire Now That Summer Is Here? What? No? Then How About A Retro Cone Fireplace With Electric Logs? Yeah, I Got Ya Covered. Status: At The Shop!


Not a lot going on in the world of craigslist over the weekend but I picked up another cone fireplace Monday and have already dropped it off at the shop in St. Charles.  Bonus, it can be used as a real wood burning unit OR just leave these electric logs in there and forgo all the mess!


This one isn't mint by any means and has been repainted as you can see by the original enamel loss above

the opening, but that just means this one is going out the door at a bargain price.  This one would be a

great candidate for using on a covered patio or for using just for display in the home with a better paint

job.  A weekend with a little filler, sandpaper and some rattle can of your favorite color would make this

look fabulous!


You can see the original orange enamel where the black paint has scratched away on the chimney pipe. 

Too bad it's not still orange, right?  The electric logs have a red low wattage bulb and a some silver tinsel

rotating on a spit to simulate both the look of flickering flames as well as the light crackle sounds of the

fire.  Simple, genius and pretty effective!  Plus, it's really ready to burn some wood too.  If interested,

check it out at our family shop: Fleur De Lis - Home Source.

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  1. Hah!i just sold a very similar one in orange myself!