Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Got A Garage FULL Of Projects. It's Getting A Little Embarrassing...Buuuuuttttt, It Keeps Me Busy. Status: Little Peek At One Of 'Em.


The good news is that my "projects" come cheap. This one was free...except for all the work to get it home. Frank (the Focus Wagon) is a real trouper and can ingest some pretty sizable cargo but he already was packing a score when I had to get this home too.

Yeah, I got this for FREE when I picked up the Adrian Pearsall chair a while back! Bonus. The

seller of the chair just wanted to be rid of it. She was going to fix it up herself but figured she'd

never get around to it. She helped me carry it down and out of her apartment and "hide" it in

the back yard until I could come get it after I got off work. So I still had the chair in the back of

Frank. The only place for this was on top. Frank has a roof rack but take a gooooood look at

the shape of this sofa frame. There isn't a flat surface to lay it on! It Was a challenge but I got it

all tied down and safely home.


I'm so digging the shape of the sofa. It could use a little refinish work but I don't think leaving it

as is would be a sin either. I've got some cushion material for it already but I gotta cut it to

shape and upholster it. The sofa is missing a few of the spring suspension things so I'll have to

deal with that as well.


You can see that some repair work has already been done. It may not be subtle but it is sturdy.

This is gonna make some sweet seating soon enough!


  1. Nice piece. I am digging how the supports fit into the wood. How old is this piece?

  2. dang! you should have taken a picture of it on the roof rack! that would have been awesome! but wow! that is going to be a killer couch!!!

  3. Very nice couch! You have inspired me to finish our similar project if I can find the missing springs (check my blog). Let me know if you find a source for replacement springs!

  4. Great piece! I can't wait to see it when you're finished.