Wednesday, October 29, 2014

OK, I'm Off To New Orleans For A Nice Long Weekend Of Eating Fine Food, Drinking Fine Wine And Laughing A Bit Too Loudly With Fine Friends. I Leave You Today With This Harlequin Pattern Swag Lamp. Status: More Lighting - Soon To Be Available.


This too was rescued from certain doom when I picked it up from the house clean out that I participated in a few weeks ago.  Many of the other items I culled from that sale have already found new homes...some ridiculously quick!  I've still got to clean up the chain on this, but I think that when it hits the floor (so to speak), it'll go fast as well!


Getting a good photo of this in the dark of the evening is tough.  The brightness of the bulb kinda

plays havoc with the camera.  Even so, you can see how pretty the "jewels" are in this swag lamp. 

They were a hot mess when I pulled this down from the previous owner's ceiling.  It had been hung in

near the kitchen for a good part of it's life.


It got a good cleaning tonight.  No longer is it embarrassingly coated in sticky kitchen grease.  And

you can now see light through the colored jewels!  It's in great physical condition with no loose

pieces and the cord isn't frayed or anything.  I just didn't have time tonight to completely clean the

chain, so this will have to wait until I get back from NOLA to get hung in my booth at The Green

Shag Market.


Yup, probably by the time you are reading this I will be on the road headed south.  I will probably hit

you with a few short posts while I'm in The Big Easy.  I'll of course be perusing many of the cool

shops there, but mostly I'll be hanging with the family, eating and drinking.  Oh yeah, it's Halloween...

so of course I'll be spending some time on Frenchman, probably at DBA if they've got a good band.

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  1. That’s a fine pendant lamp. Enjoy NOLA and safe travels, MMT! -midmichigan